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Regulation FD

Full disclosure. You’ve probably heard that many times as a way to show that the speaker has a vested interest in what they are saying. When it comes to public companies, full disclosure is not a whim, but rather a fundamental requirement. It helps keep the modern stock markets fair (along with other regulations). Regulation […]

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Web, Social Media Archiving Video

Your organization is a content machine. Web sites, blogs, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram. You keep churning it out … New web pages, new posts, new videos, new infographics. More content, more channels, more, more, more. That’s great! Except for one thing. You have to keep track of it ALL. All of it is […]

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Federal Rules of Evidence 901

He said she said. It’s a classic comment about communications, two different versions of the truth. We know people distort, misspeak, forget and outright lie. When it comes to legal evidence, all those factors come into play. How can a legal system function with all that going on? Luckily, regarding online evidence, there is the […]

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CMS Backup vs Archive

The first time I built a website it was hand-coded; editors didn’t exist yet. HTML editors made it easier, but it was all static content. Then, with database-driven websites, content could be created on the fly. But, you still needed a degree in computer science to get them working. The invention of content management systems […]

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PageFreezer Software Review

Are you a user of PageFreezer Software and interested in publishing your thoughts about it? We have a new listing at Gartner: PageFreezer Website Archiving Reviews on Gartner. We welcome all your feedback, good or bad! Obviously, we hope it’s good, but if there’s anything that needs improvement please let us know. If you don’t […]

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Facebook Archiving & Compliance

For many people, the most accurate record of their lives is Facebook. Pictures of their kids, significant events in their lives, or simply how they are feeling. With over one billion users, that means Facebook is the de facto memory of our online lives. That has considerable implications, especially as it being a record of activities […]

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PageFreezer at the NAGW

PageFreezer is attending the NAGW Conference (National Association of Government Web Professionals) in Albuquerque, New Mexico from Sept 23-25, 2015. Here’s a picture of one of our Account Manager’s, Cameron Kooy, at the booth (just outside the Enchantment Room, if you’re there). Drop by and say hi to him and Bruce (Bruce Crain)! Or follow @CamPageFreezer on Twitter […]

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Sunshine Laws

Do you trust your government? The heart of democracy, “by the people, for the people”, requires that government be accountable to it citizens. And, if there is no trust there, how can democracy flourish? Trust, though, need not be blind faith. Policies, procedures and systems can help make government accountable. Open records laws often referred to […]

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FINRA Social Media Compliance

Financial firms are naturally cautious when it comes to new communication technology. After all, they understand that regardless of the medium the general rule applies; they are accountable for all business communications. Plus, each new communication channel comes with its specific compliance issues that need to be figured out BEFORE any actual use. However, social […]

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FCA Social Media Compliance

In March 2015, the FCA (the UK Financial watchdog, The Financial Conduct Authority) issued compliance guidance for how financial firms can use social media: FG15/4: Social media and customer communications: The FCA’s supervisory approach to financial promotions in social media It’s twenty pages long so, as with any government financial document, chock full of specific […]

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