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Your success is our success

PageFreezer mitigates risk for our customers and our partners.

Complete your records management and compliance solutions with proven tools for the online media of today and tomorrow.

Legislation and regulation have a habit of lagging behind new technologies. PageFreezer frees up your resources to help you focus on your core business, and move away from the time-consuming technical details of managing archives. Work with us to strengthen your technology stack, while staying on top of record-keeping regulations, and providing new sources of revenue for your business.


PageFreezer is an industry leader in archiving web-based media from social media content to web pages, to enterprise collaboration tools. Our archiving technology enables you to quickly address your customer’s compliance concerns when deploying new tools. Our API is available here so we can work with you to deliver seamless integration where you need it.


Our broad base of clients span across industries from the government, financial services, education, healthcare, and enterprise. We stay current on the changing regulations in each industry so you don’t have to worry about missing an update. We’ve been archiving social media Pages, collaboration pages, and web pages since 2012, providing peace of mind to thousands of customers.


Your success is our success. PageFreezer supports our partners with marketing assistance, sales support and technical assistance to help you deliver for your customers. We will work with you to provide your client peace of mind.

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