PageFreezer partners with FMG Suite

PageFreezer announces partnership with FMG Suite PageFreezer Software Inc. is pleased to announce a Partnership with Faulkner Media Group (FMG Suite). This Partnership makes it easy for FMG Suite clients to archive their web, blog and social media content for FINRA compliance. ABOUT FMG SUITE FMG Suite provides lead generating websites and digital marketing tools to […]

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PageFreezer Partners with Patrina

PageFreezer announces partnership with Patrina Corporation. PageFreezer Software Inc. is pleased to announce a Partnership with Patrina Corporation of New York City. This Partnership is designed to assist financial service firms with website, blog and social media compliance via easy, automatic archiving. ABOUT PATRINA Patrina, provides mission-critical protection with secure access to your data when […]

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PR: Archiving for Mortgage Brokers

New Social Media Compliance Archiving Service for Mortgage Brokers VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Aug. 19, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — PageFreezer Software Inc. is pleased to announce a new website & social media archiving service for mortgage brokers to assist with Mortgage Acts and Practices compliance (MAP) ( Simple, easy-to-use technology and affordable pricing allow mortgage brokers […]

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AMEX V. Vinhnee

In 2003, California resident Vee Vinhnee filed for bankruptcy. This famous case demonstrates electronic evidence is only allowed when data integrity and authenticity can be proven. An ordinary back up of a website is not enough to be submitted as evidence in a court of law.

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Pharmaceutical Social Media

PharmaTweets: How to balance online presence and compliance More people are taking their health into their own hands, and they are doing it through the power of the web. Whether to diagnose some odd symptom, skim reviews about a new drug, or investigate the implications of healthcare reform, an increasing number of adults are getting at […]

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Going Gov 2.0? Keep it Legal

In the fast-paced, tech-based culture we live in now, many local governments are finding it essential to communicate and relate with the public on entirely new levels and in creative new ways. They want to be more accessible,more focused on problem-solving, and — perhaps most importantly — more interactive. The Gov 2.0 movement is a […]

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Social Media Tweet & Delete

Funnyman not laughing after Social Media Breach Law enforcement authorities in the UK are facing Tweet and Delete, Privacy and Data Protection controversies after placing a screenshot from their CCTV records on social media. London’s National Police Air Service (NPAS) tweeted the following content to their social media platform of 124k followers. The screenshot from […]

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Website Archiving for Government

Why Govt Websites Should Be Archived Websites have become an integral part of every modern organization, including the government. Every day, a constant stream of information is being posted on the web. For governments, every data published is considered as a Public Record, which by law should be retained and disclosed to the citizens, whenever […]

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