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Web & Social Media Archiving for Financial Services

Start Archiving Automatically for Simple, Secure and Reliable FCA Financial Services Compliance

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Why Archive Websites & Social Media?

It’s critical your financial firm implements a robust records retention policy for your websites and social media pages. You must preserve your online presence in a way that’s regulation-compliant, user-friendly, and, above all, affordable.

“Financial promotions, whether on social media or traditional media, must give customers the right information and meet our requirements to be fair, clear and not misleading.”

Tracey McDermott, FCA Director of Supervision and Authorisations

UK financial firms requirements under FCA 1.24-1.26 Social Media Record-keeping Rules

Firms should also keep adequate records of any significant communications. As well as helping to protect consumers, these records enable the firm to deal effectively with any subsequent claims or complaints. Firms should not rely on digital media channels to maintain records, as they will not have control over this: social media in particular may refresh content from time to time, with the consequent deletion of older material


Archiving the web shouldn’t be a chore

We know the situation you are in – We have helped hundreds of financial services firms to archive all their website & social media data to meet compliance rules. PageFreezer offers an enterprise-class SaaS solution, built to support even the most complex websites, blogs and many social media networks. All accessible on one-single platform. With PageFreezer, you get perfect archives of ALL your web content — without a lot of hassle.

“PageFreezer is simple. So many other tools are complicated and hard to understand. We use PageFreezer to automate some of our SEC compliance needs. As a registered independent advisory firm, PageFreezer allows us to keep automated records of our Facebook posts and to monitor them for compliance.

Michael Heburn, COO Schroeder, Braxton & Vogt

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Full archiving for smooth compliance

How will your agency handle a FCA audit? PageFreezer delivers an easy-to-use portal to easily retrieve any online document, from any time. This offers full compliance, while reduce filing and printing costs at the same time.

With a proven, trusted archiving system in place you’ll never be caught flat-footed, scrambling to cover an audit request.

“Very easy to use. Quick reporting of data when needed. Assists me with not having to keep paper copies or to insure we make copies of each page when updates are made. It is a time saver.”

Cathy Cucharale, COO, CCO, M. Griffith Investment Services, Inc.

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Archiving That You Can Trust – Secure, reliable and authentic

Responsible handling of your agency’s sensitive data is vitally important. Your archives are securely stored on our private SaaS cloud platform in accordance with rigorous SSAE 16 auditing standards and with redundancy for added precaution.

All posts, tweets, messages, pages and blogs are SHA-256 digitally signed and atomic-clock time-stamped to meet data integrity and authenticity requirements.

Be the hero – If anyone asks for some web data from way back, you’ll go back to them with an exact copy. They don’t need to know how easy it was for you to retrieve using PageFreezer.

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