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Web & Social Media Evidence for Legal Industry


How confident are you in your (or your clients) web and social media records?

If an eDiscovery request or order was made on your online content, would you be ready or would you be scrambling to collect the necessary records?

As the world goes increasingly online, lawsuits and criminal cases are requiring more evidence from websites and social media. The courts look at online content as another record, just as valid as any paper record. Therefore, any reasonable litigation preparedness strategy protects these records BEFORE they are needed.

“Social Media & eDiscovery – Collecting Online Conversations for Litigation”

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In many situations, it’d be impossible to recreate content; it might have been deleted or otherwise altered. Without an ongoing collection process, data can be lost, and any defense that relies on that data thrown out. Even if the records exist, will it be considered authenticated evidence? Are there processes in place that ensure the record is unassailable? Failure to deliver proper records can result in hefty fines, adverse publicity, and ultimately loss of business. Any organization that wants to avoid the risk of missing, incomplete or non-authenticated web and social media records needs to protect themselves with a proper archive.

“PageFreezer is a leader in the archiving industry; we’re helping over 600 government agencies, legal and financial firms, and Fortune 500 organizations archive their web and social media communications. We understand the complex nature of eDiscovery, both technically and legally.”

Website and Social Media Archiving

An accurate and defendable archive is not merely a backup, a version or copy. Many organizations believe that they are covered as they still have the content. But is it in context? Is it exactly as it appeared on the day in question? Is it provable? Can it be authenticated to satisfy the needs of the court? After all, digital information is easy to alter, so without proper safeguards, the validity of the content can be questioned.

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Is it easy to retrieve? Would an IT team be required to fetch all the records, along with a complicated process of review? It’s critical your organization implements a robust records retention policy for your websites and social media pages. You must preserve your online presence in a way that’s provable, user-friendly, and, above all, cost effective. Whether you are in-house legal counsel or an attorney representing a law firm, PageFreezer is the most powerful tool available for capturing evidence from websites, blogs, and social media channels. It can also be used as litigation protection for clients or to archive your own firm’s website, Facebook, Facebook at Work, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Vimeo, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, Flickr, blogs, web apps and more.


Evidence Capture

Capturing evidence from online sources is easy and affordable using PageFreezer. Using a combination of digital signatures, timestamps, and other technologies, PageFreezer enables you to capture content in evidentiary quality to be used in disputes or litigation. Setting up PageFreezer to capture evidence from websites is easy. Simply log in to PageFreezer’s dashboard and select ‘Add Website’. Then you name the archive, type in the URL and specify how much of the site you want to capture and how often you want the snapshots to be taken. The sites are automatically crawled and then archived to your account where they can be replayed at any time through any web browser.


Live Replay

PageFreezer enables law firms, in-house counsel and your clients to access the archives through any web browser for instant ‘live’ replay. The content is displayed exactly as it would have been seen on the day that the snapshot was taken. All files are stored in their native formats and they are not PDF files or screenshots.


Exporting Data

Content that is captured by PageFreezer can be exported as native files with digital signatures and timestamps intact and/or they can be exported as searchable PDF files, the latter of which can be used in court while offline. An affidavit can be written as to the provenance of the data and PageFreezer witnesses are available in the event of cross-examination.


Litigation Protection

Archiving your client’s websites and social media channels can be instrumental in protecting them from litigation. Having evidentiary quality archives of all their online content can lead to an early resolution to a dispute. PageFreezer can even turn your archives to be public facing, meaning that you can send a link to the parties involved in a dispute so that they can view the archives without having to leave their offices. Don’t let another day go by without having your web and social media records protected. Protect your intellectual property, your human resources, your history – Start your archiving process by arranging a personal demo with one of our archiving experts today.