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Press release: launches Website Archiving Service at Gov 2.0 Expo will launch on May 25 at the Gov 2.0 Expo in DC. PageFreezer is a website archiving solution, benefiting governments to comply with public records laws. Tracking all changes on the websites with PageFreezer offers these organizations trusted, non-refutable evidence in case of liability claims.

PageFreezer is a web-based service that archives daily snapshots of websites. Website archives can be accessed by logging into the secured PageFreezer site from any computer, any time.

PageFreezer is the only website archiving solution that places a digital timestamp and signature on each archived webpage, explained CEO Michael Riedyk. This provides evidence of data integrity and authenticity required by courts of law.

Using crawlers similar to Google’s, PageFreezer visits websites and makes a digital copy of all new webpages found, regardless of the pages file format. Archiving is an automated process, saving time. Only new webpages and changes to webpages are archived, saving storage space.

Easily browse and search the archives at any time. Slide through the timeline to open an archive. Open the website on that date to view how a site looked and click through it as if the site is still live. Jump through the page to see how that page has changed over time

See a demo of at the Innovators Pavilion – Booth #13, Gov 2.0 Expo, Washington DC, May 25-27. More information on the Gov 2.0 Expo:

About PageFreezer Software Inc.
PageFreezer Software Inc. is a Vancouver based company delivering solutions for website and social media archiving to provide government agencies with a tools to comply with public records laws and offer better government transparency.

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Michael Riedyk
Phone: +1.888.916.3999

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