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PageFreezer finalist in Accenture Innovation Awards

Across the world, new ideas and products are constantly making a bid for the attention of consumers, corporations, or governments.  Sifting through the latest developments in Media, Communications, and High Tech is the global management consulting company Accenture, selecting the most stunning concepts in the European market for recognition in the 2011 Accenture Innovation Awards.We were honored to present PageFreezer’s cutting-edge archiving solutions for consideration before a panel of judges that boasted some of the biggest names in the digital landscape. Website and social media archiving is a market trend that will only continue to grow as companies search for retention solutions that help them preserve, organize, and use their digital records for litigation preparedness or regulatory compliance. PageFreezer is industry-leading in many aspects of website archiving.

With over 580 concepts being considered this year, we are thrilled to be among the top 10 finalists in the competition!  It takes a unique solution with vast success potential to stand out among so many worthy applicants, but PageFreezer has risen to the challenge by meeting the criteria:

Innovative Concept:  We are constantly taking website and social media archiving to the next level.  PageFreezer makes innovation a priority with frequent updates to enable the most comprehensive, secure archiving using cutting-edge technology.

Potential Market:  Our scalability is virtually limitless.  For individuals, government agencies, and companies in every industry, the retention of online records continues to become a higher priority as electronic data increases and grows more complex.  No customer is too big or too small — PageFreezer can archive hundreds of websites per week for big corporations, or just a few URLs per month.

Proof of Success:  Numerous companies in various industries are using PageFreezer to archive their online content, and more are signing up.  World-famous brands are trusting their records to us, and we take that responsibility seriously by providing archives that stand up as digital evidence in court.  Our services take the pain out of website archiving, and provide the peace of mind that comes with having secure, searchable online records that meet regulatory requirements.

With past winners like Myngle, Layar, and, the Accenture Innovation Awards have proven to be a valuable platform for great concepts in the Media, Communications, and Tech industry.  We are proud to have made it this far in the competition, and look forward to the results of the finals on October 11th.

PageFreezer releases extended Twitter support

Comprehensive archiving of Twitter activity will benefit companies concerned with regulatory compliance.

PageFreezer announces extended features for comprehensive archiving of activity on Twitter, a development that will be valuable for companies striving to comply with records retention laws and litigation preparedness.  The enhanced support ensures a more complete representation of Twitter content than the archiving industry typically provides, and the archives meet legal standards for electronic evidence in court.

Industries that can benefit from comprehensive social media archiving include Finance, Pharma, Food, and publicly traded companies. Various requirements from regulatory bodies demand that organizations retain perfect, complete copies of business records, which is challenging for online content and especially for activity on social media sites like Twitter.

Some of PageFreezer’s enhanced features for Twitter archiving include:

  • Archiving of both public profiles and private communications, such as “Direct Messages”
  • Ability to archive hashtags and search keywords, so companies can preserve the full conversation surrounding their brand or a particular topic
  • Digital timestamp and signature provided for each archived page, ensuring the verifiability of Twitter archives as electronic evidence in court
  • Support for the legal hold process
  • Archiving of the full visual Twitter User Experience and live interaction
Most archiving solutions for capturing Twitter content rely on the Twitter API, resulting in only capturing the single “tweets”. PageFreezer offers a broader and more comprehensive interactive representation of the full visual Twitter presence, including background, images, followers, and mentions.  This is valuable to capture the full discussion thread and in legal situations where the full visual context of Twitter activity may be relevant, not just a single tweet pulled from the API.

PageFreezer is the first archiving service to provide support for Twitter content to be used as admissible electronic evidence in court.  Since PageFreezer marks each archived page with a unique 256-bit digital timestamp and signature, the records are considered “non-refutable” and meet the legal requirements for data integrity and authenticity.  This could have an impact on the way companies approach social media, which has generally been considered risky from a regulatory standpoint.

“These new capabilities for Twitter archiving are going to change the way organizations view their social media presence,” said Michael Riedyk, Executive Director with PageFreezer.  “There’s been a lot of concerned discussion about the regulatory and legal risks involved with using Twitter for business communications, but the ability to accurately preserve this content really makes a difference.”

The debate surrounding the use of social media for marketing and business communications, in addition to enforcement actions by regulators, has highlighted the need for solutions that can reconcile existing record retention laws with advanced Internet technologies.  PageFreezer is actively addressing this need by providing extensive support for the capture and storage of Twitter content.

Navigating your archives is easier than ever

PageFreezer just got better!  We’re thrilled to announce the latest release of PageFreezer — including several important additions that focus on making your archives easier to navigate.  Over the last few months, we’ve been working to bring more control into your hands, so you can easily find what you’re looking for.  Read on to discover the latest in PageFreezer’s unique archiving technology.

And stay tuned: we have even more great features coming up in our July Release!

The most important part of archiving your website is the ability to navigate those archives with ease.  Finding what you need, when you need it — that’s a crucial element to success in e-discovery, litigation, web-analytics, or just looking over past snapshots to see how your site has changed over time.  Fortunately, PageFreezer is dedicated to making sure your digital records are simple to navigate, even if you archive thousands of pages per month.

Site navigation menu

Opening a snapshot (archived page) of a website within your PageFreezer account, you can navigate through the latest archived version of the site using the new navigation menu that appears on the left.  It shows the website structure and archived pages in a list form, so you can click around to get an overall view of how the site looked at the time of archive.  This feature expands upon the calendar and other tools that allow for navigating your digital records.

Snaphots shortcuts

In addition, we’ve added a shortcut bar to the bottom of the page (within the snapshot view of an archive).  Right from there, you can jump to snapshots on other websites that PageFreezer is archiving for you.  This is especially nice for large organizations that maintain several sites or keep tabs on competitors’ sites — you can click around to snapshots of different webpages, viewing how they compared at the selected date you’ve chosen to view.  The shortcut bar also gives you quick access to customer support and your account info.

Date Range Search Filter

Finally, we improved the Search functionality by making it possible to search for specific terms within a particular date range.  Want to find every occurrence of the word “environment” on your site between May and August?  After typing the term into the Search bar, you can use the calendars to filter your results by date.  You can search any or all of the websites that PageFreezer is archiving for you, making it easy to track your own webpages or those of your competitors.

The goal of all these features is to put more control into your hands.  That’s what PageFreezer is all about — making website & social media records retention as simple and painless as possible, even in this age of information overload.  The recent improvements we’ve made will continue to ensure that your digital records are not in “overload,” but retained securely in an organized manner, so you can focus on more important things.

PageFreezer to open European Headquarters

Vancouver, Jun 14th, 2011 – PageFreezer, global leader in website & social media archiving announced the opening of its European Headquarters in the Netherlands. The new office will offer marketing, sales and customer support, for PageFreezerʼs expanding customer base throughout Europe.

“As part of our ongoing expansion, PageFreezer is pleased to open its European Headquarters. The central location of the office in the Netherlands allows us to better serve our extensive European customer base” said Michael Riedyk, Founder and CEO of PageFreezer.

PageFreezer Europe
Raadhuisstraat 1e
4835 JA, Breda

Phone: +31 (0)76-8887308

PageFreezer Announces FINRA-Compliant Social Media Archiving

Financial companies and brokers can ensure compliance by archiving social media activity.

PageFreezer, a leading cloud solution for preservation of dynamic web content, has announced capability for capturing and storing social media and blog activity.  This feature appeals to securities traders, registered representatives (RIAs), banks, and others in the financial services sector due to recent advisement by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) that even social media content can be considered “business as such” and falls under regulatory requirements for record-keeping.

In the regulatory notice concerning blogs and social networking sites, FINRA stated that firms must retain records of all business-related electronic communications to remain compliant with Rules 17a-3 and 17a-4 under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934.  Rick Ketchum, FINRA Chairman and CEO, noted in a news release that social networking sites and blogs “raise new regulatory challenges” and that all financial firms and RRs should implement policies to ensure compliance by retaining records of communications made through social networking sites.

Michael Riedyk, Executive Director with PageFreezer, says he recognized the need for an archiving solution that would allow for the capture of every aspect of a social media site: blogs and the comments within them, Twitter feeds, FaceBook, LinkedIn recommendations, and so forth.  “It’s not just the large financial companies and institutions that need to consider their social networking activity from a compliance standpoint,” Riedyk commented.  “The individuals in the financial sector — investment advisors and the like — must comply with their firm’s retention policies.  PageFreezer is an affordable solution and it gets the job done perfectly.”

For the financial industry, a “perfect” archive needs to fill a tall order.  Records must be kept in such a way that they can be reproduced quickly if required, and they must be preserved in whatever medium they were originally produced.  Further, records must be kept for periods of up to seven years and they must bear proof of “data integrity and authenticity” (proof that the record has not been tampered with and is a faithful copy of the original). PageFreezer meets these requirements, even for social media content, by stamping each page with a digital timestamp and signature, then storing it in a complete and searchable format on a fault-tolerant cloud.

The challenge for financial companies in the Information Age is balancing the use of unprecedented technologies with the proper management of the electronic content that runs through these new communication channels.  That is the challenge that PageFreezer effectively addresses with the capture and regulation-compliant storage of websites and social media content.

About PageFreezer is a leading SaaS provider of social media & website archiving solutions by globally operating software company, PageFreezer Software, Inc., with offices in Seattle, Vancouver, Amsterdam and Brussels. PageFreezer provides website retention solutions for regulatory compliance and litigation protection to Government, Food, Pharmaceutical, Financial and Insurance companies.  PageFreezer operates as a stand-alone SaaS version of website and social media archiving technology. Releases Adobe Flash Archiving

PageFreezer announces the release of industry-leading technology that fully supports the archiving of web pages containing interactive Adobe Flash content, including the ability to view and interact with it exactly as if it was live on a date in the past.

This is an exciting new addition to the secure archiving services PageFreezer is already providing to companies who wish to comply with records management regulatory. “Adobe Flash archiving has always been one of the most difficult challenges in web and multimedia archiving, explained Michael Riedyk, founder and CEO. It took us a lot of effort but we cracked the code.

Flash archiving has been an elusive goal for the industry due to the complicated nature of dynamic Flash content, which can include links to video, text, and images that are nearly impossible to extract from the Flash file. In addition, these files often contain security settings to prevent them from being played from any but the original domain. Now these obstacles have been overcome and PageFreezer is proud to offer the security of complete Flash archiving with the ability to play back all Flash content from any given date, including all interactive elements, links, video, and audio.

PageFreezer has already garnered public interest as a unique solution to website archiving, especially as concerns the legal archiving requirements of FINRA, SOX, and SEC. PageFreezer is the smart choice for government, financial, retail, pharmaceutical, legal, and publicly traded companies who wish to comply with records management regulatory. In addition to providing a digital signature and time stamp to each archived page (assuring data integrity and authenticity), PageFreezer offers the ability to view any web page exactly as it appeared when it was live. The security of having archived evidence in case of litigation means peace of mind for government and public companies alike. The new Flash archiving innovation, in combination with other advantageous features, makes PageFreezer today’s leading platform for website archiving.

Press release: launches Website Archiving Service at Gov 2.0 Expo will launch on May 25 at the Gov 2.0 Expo in DC. PageFreezer is a website archiving solution, benefiting governments to comply with public records laws. Tracking all changes on the websites with PageFreezer offers these organizations trusted, non-refutable evidence in case of liability claims.

PageFreezer is a web-based service that archives daily snapshots of websites. Website archives can be accessed by logging into the secured PageFreezer site from any computer, any time.

PageFreezer is the only website archiving solution that places a digital timestamp and signature on each archived webpage, explained CEO Michael Riedyk. This provides evidence of data integrity and authenticity required by courts of law.

Using crawlers similar to Google’s, PageFreezer visits websites and makes a digital copy of all new webpages found, regardless of the pages file format. Archiving is an automated process, saving time. Only new webpages and changes to webpages are archived, saving storage space.

Easily browse and search the archives at any time. Slide through the timeline to open an archive. Open the website on that date to view how a site looked and click through it as if the site is still live. Jump through the page to see how that page has changed over time

See a demo of at the Innovators Pavilion – Booth #13, Gov 2.0 Expo, Washington DC, May 25-27. More information on the Gov 2.0 Expo:

About PageFreezer Software Inc.
PageFreezer Software Inc. is a Vancouver based company delivering solutions for website and social media archiving to provide government agencies with a tools to comply with public records laws and offer better government transparency.

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