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Solutions: Website & Social Media Archiving

Both businesses and governmental organizations are challenged more than ever before by electronic data laws and they need to ensure they are complying with all of the various legal requirements. Many data archiving options exist, but they do not stand up as legal evidence in court because they lack integrity and authenticity.

PageFreezer takes the pain out of website archiving. It is a web-based service that archives your website daily. PageFreezer makes your archives accessible from any computer and enables use as legal evidence in case of a claim.

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How Does PageFreezer Work?

PageFreezer uses crawling technology, similar to that of Google, to take snapshots of your website. Archiving is an automated process, saving you time. Only new webpages and changes to webpages are archived, saving storage space.

PageFreezer offers the unique feature to browse through a website exactly as it appeared live online on a specified date.

PageFreezer places a digital signature and a digital timestamp on each archived page. The Digital Timestamp is evidence of the time the page was archived and the Digital Signature provides evidence that the page was not changed since it was archived. These features can be used in court to demonstrate that the archived page is the page as it existed on your web site at that time.

Archives are securely stored in a SAS-70 compliant data center with excellent firewall protection. For added protection against disaster, a copy of your website archives is stored in a second location thousands of miles away.

When requiring a local copy for any reason, you simply request a data export in XML format of all media, including HTML, PDF, TXT, Microsoft Office, OpenOffice, XML, CSS or even Flash.

Who is it for?

Government Agencies

Government websites, in accordance with Public Records Laws, are considered official government publications. Information on these sites influences actions and decisions of citizens and businesses. Governments can be held accountable for the information they publish on the web. Tracking all changes on the websites with PageFreezer offers governments trusted, non-refutable time stamped evidence in case of liability claims.


In archiving their electronic data, financial companies need to comply with the records management regulations of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA).  PageFreezer provides you with FINRA-compliant electronic data archives.

Public Traded Companies

In archiving their electronic data, public traded companies need to comply with the records management regulations of the Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) Act. PageFreezer provides you with SOX-compliant electronic data archives.

Law Firms

Companies creating content online or Lawfirms can use PageFreezer to provide legal proof of intellectual property. PageFreezer provides each page with a digital timestamp and a digital signature that cannot be altered without detection and, hence, creates legal proof of copyright. This trusted, non-refutable evidence stands up in a court of law if copyright ownership is ever questioned.

How do I get started?

PageFreezer is an online service. No software to install and no server to configure. Set up your account and begin archiving your website within an hour! Everything is taken off your hands.