Social Media Archiving

Permanently Preserve Social Media Content

If you’re reaching out to customers or clients via social media, you must be prepared to preserve those communications just like other business records. Existing retention laws DO apply to social media platforms, and regulators are cracking down.  ageFreezer archives your Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and other social media content, so you can be prepared.

Permanently Preserve Social Media Content

Facebook Archiving

Capturing Facebook data has become essential for legal professionals and many other professionals. Hundreds of lawsuits were filed in the USA last year that involved Facebook content and that number is sure to keep growing as the service continues to grow in popularity. PageFreezer captures Facebook content through the API meaning that all content posted an account will be captured, even if the user deletes it immediately after posting. Private messages can also be captured if the archives are set up by the account owner. All posts and comments are archived and the data can be viewed through PageFreezer’s cloud-based SaaS service.

Twitter Archiving

Twitter continues to grow in popularity and so do the number of lawsuits involving Twitter data. PageFreezer enables users to capture Twitter feeds in a fully-automated fashion and the data is stored in evidentiary quality through the use of Digital Signatures and Timestamps. The data is captured through Twitter’s API, meaning that PageFreezer will never miss a Tweet, even if the user deletes it immediately after posting. Direct Messages sent and received through Twitter can also be captured if the user sets up the archive connection using the same account login for the account being archived.

LinkedIn Archiving

PageFreezer is able to capture both personal and corporate LinkedIn accounts. As the data is captured through the LinkedIn API, each file has a 256-but Digital Signature applied to it as well as a Timestamp which means the archives meet with the requirements of the FRCP (Federal Rules of Civil Procedure) and the FRE (Federal Rules of Evidence). LinkedIn is rapidly becoming the recognized standard as a directory for for business professionals and companies.

Evidentiary Quality Archives

PageFreezer captures all of your social media content in evidentiary quality, making the archives suitable for compliance and litigation preparedness purposes. All content is digitally-signed (256-bit) and timestamped which satisfies legal requirements for submitting digital content as evidence according to the Federal Rules of Evidence.

Capture Direct Messages/Private Messages

PageFreezer captures all of your social medai content, including DMs in Twitter and Private Messages in Facebook. This ensures compliance with most regulators and also enables PageFreezer archives to be utilized through the eDiscovery process.

Capture Direct Messages/Private Messages

Real-time social media archiving

PageFreezer uses the Twitter and Facebook APIs to gather data in near real-time, providing the most comprehensive capture of social media content in the industry. This is helpful for companies and agencies seeking a complete record of their social media communications. Even if posts or comments are taken down or deleted, companies can rest assured knowing they have an automatic record of it.

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