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White Papers

The following list is a compilation of the white papers written and published by PageFreezer. Please click and download the documents you are interested in.


Recordkeeping for Governments

The Complete Guide to Website & Social Media Recordkeeping for Governments

Information about Recordkeeping for Governments.
Mifid II Compliance

Mifid II Compliance

Understanding New Expectations for Preserving Website & Social Media Records.
A Compliance Guide for k-12 Schools

Website and Social Media Archiving: A Compliance Guide for k-12 Schools

This white paper covers the importance of compliance guide for k-12 schools.
Commonwealth of Australia

A Guide for Government Agencies in the Commonwealth of Australia

This white paper explains the unique challenges associated with the preservation and production of records by australian government agencies and explains the role of web archiving in addressing those challenges.
Collecting Online Conversations for Litigation

Social Media & eDiscovery: Collecting Online Conversations for Litigation

This white paper covers the unique complexities of social media content, and the essentials of how to collect social media evidence for use in the courts.
Banks and Credit Unions

White Paper: Banks & Credit Unions

The unique risks of social media communications to banks and credit unions.
Insurance Fraud

White Paper: Insurance Fraud

A white paper about social media in Fraud Investigations.

Website Archiving: Fulfilling Compliance, Regulatory, and eDiscovery Requirements

This white paper is a comprehensive guide to meeting record keeping expectations set by regulators across key industries.
PageFreezer Website Archiving

PageFreezer Website Archiving

An introduction to website archiving.
White Paper Government Agencies

White Paper: Government Agencies

A white paper about website & social media archiving for government agencies in the US.
White Paper Financial Industry

White Paper: Financial Industry

A white paper about website & social media archiving for Financial Industry.
White Paper Food & Drug Industry

White Paper: Food & Drug Industry

Website & Social Media Archiving, a growing necessity for the Food & Drug industry.
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