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Why Archive?

More and more, online content is the face of an organization. When we want to find out something, what do we do? Google it, of course. Or, we might look online to our social networks to see what our friends, family, and associates are saying.

With this in mind, businesses, government agencies, and other institutions need to treat their online presence like any other mission critical business process and keep accurate records. There’s an entire new industry devoted to this task; web and social media archiving.

For some industries, archiving is a legal requirement. For others, archiving is a preemptive action to protect against nuisance suits or other legal actions. Or maybe you just want to know exactly who said what and when without undertaking a major effort.

In any case, archiving is about having the processes in place BEFORE you need them. Like insurance, you don’t want coverage after an “event”. Some reasons to archive:

Easily meet regulatory compliance requirements

SEC, FINRA, FDA, FTC. FDA, HIPAA. FERC. IIROC, NRC … there is no shortage of regulators. And the power they yield is staggering. Many businesses and organizations have been fined and sanctioned to the point where they have had to shutter the doors, spend time in jail and pay millions in damages. You need to have a compliance solution that can easily, affordably and automatically preserve all of your online content for compliance purposes.

Record retention

Preserving your online content has become an important aspect of record retention for companies and organizations in many different industries. However, unlike most digital content, online content from websites, blogs and social media sources can be very difficult to capture accurately and the ability to replay that content as it originally appeared has, to date, been impossible. You need a simple, automated and cost-effective way to capture, preserve and replay content from online sources, and it can play a crucial role in your organization’s record retention program.

Litigation Preparedness

Litigation is one of the biggest threats to the well-being of companies, organizations and institutions in today’s business world. The costs of litigation from a legal perspective can be crippling, with the costs of going to trial in the USA averaging in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Being prepared for litigation is essential, and you need a simple, automated and cost-effective method for ensuring that all of your online content is preserved in a way that it can be used as evidence in court.

Evidence Capture

Legal professionals that want to capture evidence from websites and social media accounts have several methods that they use, each of which has serious drawbacks. The most popular method is to create a PDF file of each page and then print the content. This is a manual process and can be very time-consuming, especially if the content needs to be regularly captured. The other major drawback of this method is that all interactivity in the page or site is lost and any relationship between content on different pages is lost. Another method is to save the HTML files and all of the page elements to disk, however this method fails to prove that the data is authentic and integral, and it is also a time-consuming and labor-intensive process.

Competitive intelligence

Imagine having all the website and social media content for your company and your major competitors right at your fingertips, any time you need it. Special events, seasonal campaigns, product launches, store openings…every occasion that requires targeted marketing is suddenly transformed by the immediate availability of previously used content. Analysis of past social media successes is incredibly simple yet it yields powerful data.

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