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Your Business Needs An Archiving Solution

Why Real-Time Archiving and Monitoring Is Needed to Protect Yourself

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Archiving web content and social media is crucial for financial firms, public sector organizations, and enterprises that are required to comply with industry record-keeping regulations. At the same time, both public-facing and private conversations are common sources for investigations and are often included as evidence to litigate and defend in a legal case. All online messages, content, and reactions to content can easily be deleted at any moment. Without a means to preserve all of your digital content, you could lose your data permanently, leaving you unable to pull up your records to respond to a compliance audit, public information request, or legal case. To learn more, download our free ‘Why Archive?’ PDF by clicking on the button below.

Proactive Cost-Savings

Our website and social media archiving software helps you avoid expensive penalties for non-compliance and save on day-to-day staff, storage, and printing costs. Running in the background to automatically archive all your data into a single user-friendly dashboard, PageFreezer makes finding what you need when you need it quick and easy—for a fraction of the cost of a serious lawsuit.

Proactive Cost-Savings
Sophisticated Archiving Capabilities

Sophisticated Archiving Capabilities

Capturing web and social media content may pose a challenge for your organization given the limitations of traditional backup systems when it comes to authenticating evidence. Social media content can also come in non-standardized formats or contain links to third-party content, making it even more difficult to capture. PageFreezer is built to capture and preserve the most complex files, media, linked content, and associated metadata to ensure you are able to replay your content just as it looked on a specific date—and prove your content has not been tampered with. The sophisticated archiving capabilities of our software will reduce manual processes, lower costs, and help you avoid major penalties. Some key features of our archiving software include:

Real-time Archiving: Even if your content is deleted and taken down, you can rest assured that our software will retain an unalterable record of your critical data. With an ability to pinpoint changes and deletions, you can be sure you never miss a moment.

Creation of Valid Records: Our tool captures your online data in evidentiary quality so you can use it for compliance and litigation preparedness. We help you comply with the FRE and FRCP, ensuring that every file meets data authenticity and integrity standards using SHA-256 digital signatures & timestamps.

Search Features: Search for your digital content seamlessly. From a single interface, you can search for your archived tweets, posts, direct messages, web pages and more by network, date, user and other filters.

Social Media Monitoring: PageFreezer helps you identify and react to risky situations or conversations that lie outside of what’s acceptable in your social media policy. Set up a list of forbidden language keywords and text patterns, and get notified immediately when they are used.

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