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  • Review your evidence collection situation
  • Walk you through automated evidence collections
  • ZVerify if WebPreserver is a good fit for your investigation and collection needs

Our promise to you:

  • ^We'll respect your time — our demos are usually around 30 minutes
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It’s crucial that investigators act quickly. WebPreserver allows you to do this. You can capture an entire timeline or account before some crucial piece of evidence disappears.

– Tony Imossi, Head of the Secretariat, Association of British Investigators (ABI)

Why we should chat

If improving evidence collection is a current priority, you may be facing challenges that we’ve helped other professionals overcome:

You’re trying to capture a large volume of evidence quickly (be it a long social media history or entire websites)

You need the evidence in high fidelity for easier, in-context review

You want to cut down time spent on evidence collection, so you can spend more time on investigations or more additional cases

You can benefit from automated evidence collection that replaces manual work—freeing you and your team from tedious screen-by-screen collection—so you can focus on the cases instead.


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