Compliant Communications Archiving for Insurance

Easily retain, search, and export website, social media, and team chats content.

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Prove Insurance Firm Communications & Promotions Are Compliant

Gain instant access and export options for online communication records with automated, real-time web, social media, and team collaboration platform archiving — all while saving thousands of hours on audit response and legal review.

Access Records Anytime

Reduce IT dependence and get access to website, social media, Microsoft Teams and Slack records whenever you need them.

Produce Records Instantly

Pull authenticated records from your website, social media pages, or team chats when regulatory audits or legal matters arise.

Connect & Share

Send your collections directly to other leading eDiscovery tools like Relativity and Reveal.

Archiving 150,000 Webpages Daily for Fortune 500 Company

Learn how Pagefreezer helps a Silicon Valley tech giant archive 150,000 complex webpages daily.

Who Uses Pagefreezer?

Legal Teams

Pagefreezer captures, archives, & exports critical evidence to eDiscovery platforms, and places records on legal hold for in-house legal teams

Compliance Teams

Pagefreezer meets regulatory recordkeeping requirements for online advertising, electronic communication, and document retention.

Technology Teams

Pagefreezer helps fulfill internal requests for information retrieval in seconds with reliable, user-friendly, low-maintenance software.

Recordkeeping Solutions for Insurance Companies

Website Archiving

Archive complex modern websites with full metadata, digital signatures and timestamps for every record.

Social Media Archiving

Monitor and archive major social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok & Reddit in real-time.

Team Chat Archiving

Monitor and archive data from enterprise collaboration platforms like Workplace by Meta, MS Teams, & Slack.

Mobile Text Archiving

We can help archive employee text messages on employer-issued devices or BYOD.

See how we can help you meet compliance requirements

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