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Protect Your SMS/Text Messages

Automatically archive SMS Messages on Business or BYOD Devices

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Why Archive Text Messages?

Texting remains a preferred method of communication for many organizations and users—enjoying incredibly high open and response rates. But the impermanent nature of these messages creates some challenges when it comes to recordkeeping. What happens once an employee has deleted a conversation from his or her phone? Does any internal record still remain?

Proper archiving is a legal requirement in many cases. Government agencies and departments, as well as regulated industries like financial services (FINRA, MiFID II), are required to keep compliant archives of all SMS messages. But it’s not just about meeting compliance requirements; it’s about knowing exactly what conversations employees are having with clients and colleagues, protecting oneself from false claims, facilitating information audits and eDiscovery responses, and improving litigation preparedness.

SMS Text Archiving

Automated Text/SMS Archiving

Automated Text/SMS Archiving

The PageFreezer text archiving solution, powered by TeleMessage, securely captures SMS/text messages from mobile carriers and devices across both employer-issued and BYOD devices. Captured content is automatically indexed and securely archived, while a user-friendly dashboard allows for quick search and review of content.

PageFreezer offers two SMS/text archiving solutions: Carrier Archiver and BYOD Archiver. Carrier Archiver is ideal for organizations operating in an environment where employees are issued with work devices, while BYOD Archiver suits any situation where employees use a single device for both personal and professional purposes.

Carrier Archiver

Carrier Archiver

Capture messages directly from the mobile network and archive them automatically:

  • Does not require the installation of a specific app
  • Works with both the latest smartphones and legacy devices
  • Can capture messages from multiple carriers and store them centrally
  • Captures messages to and from a number at the network level and sends a copy to the archive server
BYOD Archiver

BYOD Archiver

Separate business and personal messages on a single device:

  • Uses an app associated with the business number that archives all SMS/text content
  • Tracks when messages are sent, delivered, read, and answered
  • Creates a complete audit trail for compliance and security
  • Personal number and communication stays private
  • Personal messages remain even when business data is deleted
  • Works with any Android/iOS device

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