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Archiving digital marketing of food, drugs, cosmetics and medical devices

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Understanding the Healthcare Industry

The healthcare industry is one of the most highly regulated industries home to sellers of medical devices, pharmaceutical products and nutritional products. Organizations in the industry are realizing that their online content can easily expose them to compliance violations and the threat of costly litigation.


Compliance Risks

Set by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), The Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (FDCA and FD&C) is a set of laws that oversee the safety of food, drugs, cosmetics and medical devices. In recent years, the FDA and FTC have expanded their investigations into advertisements and labeling information on websites and social media.

Failure to comply can result in an initial warning letter. Failure to fix all violations and ensure compliance with all applicable laws and regulations may lead to stronger enforcement actions coupled with costly fines and even civil penalties.


Litigation Risks

Marketing drugs and medical devices has always been a tricky business since regulations require that advertisements present a balanced picture of a drug’s risks and benefits, both offline and on. To protect consumers, the FDA and FTC have stated specific recordkeeping guidance regarding social media records and endorsements.

Even after the actual sale of these products, regulations apply for post-marketing websites, blogs, forums and social media, making it necessary to track any online promotional activities that are carried out by the firm itself, and to promotion conducted on the firm’s behalf. Compliance with these recordkeeping rules is essential to avoiding litigation cases that can have equally tainting effects.


Why Use PageFreezer?

In short, FDA’s guidelines are of utmost importance to any pharmaceutical or medical device companies using websites and social media as a means of communication with customers, whether it is related to online promotion, marketing or post-sales.

Companies must keep archived records of these promotions in websites to demonstrate their compliance with the regulatory rules or prepare for any legal action. Additionally, in case of enforcement actions or e-discovery proceedings, it’s important to have complete and exportable records of all online activity to expedite the resolution process. PageFreezer enables healthcare organizations to comply with FDA and FTC regulations as well as preparing them for the litigation and other disputes by providing evidentiary quality archives of all of their online content automatically.


PageFreezer is capable of archiving multiple websites including all web pages and blog posts. We collect full metadata adding digital signatures and timestamps to every page in your site.

Social Media

We have a track record for archiving content from Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Google+ and the list goes on. We continuously add new social media capabilities as new networks arise.

Enterprise Social Media

Not only do we archive public-facing social media but enterprise social media platforms like Facebook Workplace, Chatter & Yammer capturing your internal conversations as business records

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