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Marketing Risks in the Healthcare Industry

The healthcare industry is one of the most highly regulated industries, home to sellers of crucial medical devices, pharmaceutical products, and nutritional products. Organizations in the industry are realizing that their online content can easily expose them to compliance violations and the threat of costly litigation.

Even after the actual sale of these products, regulations apply for post-marketing websites, blogs, forums, and social media, making it necessary to track any online promotional activities that are carried out by the firm itself, and to promotion conducted on the firm’s behalf. Failure to comply can result in an initial warning letter. Failure to fix all violations and ensure compliance with all applicable laws and regulations may lead to stronger enforcement actions coupled with costly fines and even civil penalties. 

Handling of Sensitive Personal Information

With the rise of enterprise collaboration platforms (as well as direct messages on social media accounts), healthcare organizations need to consider the data security and privacy challenges that these channels introduce. As with email, they can become conduits for data loss/leakage. Users can share personal health information (PHI), personally identifiable information (PII), and other sensitive data, which is why these platforms should be implemented with care and continuously monitored.

Pagefreezer assists healthcare companies in tackling the following critical challenges:

Improving Information Governance

Ever-evolving online data sources like websites and social media accounts can create endlessly-streaming records that are outdated almost as soon as they are collected. Organizations need to take ownership of this data and ensure that they capture, archive, and eventually dispose of all this information in a secure and responsible fashion.

Monitoring and Data Loss Prevention

Does your organization know exactly what people are sharing on social media channels and what they’re saying online about your company? Organizations should be monitoring conversations on social media and enterprise collaboration platforms to ensure compliance with communication policies and regulatory requirements.

eDiscovery & Litigation Readiness

Website, social media, and enterprise collaboration content is increasingly forming part of the eDiscovery and litigation process. Because of the messages they communicate online and the sensitive information they sometimes hold, healthcare companies need to be able to capture, preserve, and eventually present this data in a defensible format that complies with legal rules of evidence.

Placing Content on Legal Hold

Most organizations have a retention policy in place that outlines exactly how long online data is retained before disposal. But what happens if legal teams needs an important social media conversation to be kept and a retention schedule overridden? How is a social media comment or enterprise collaboration conversation placed on legal hold and preserved for use by your legal team?

White Paper: Marketing Pharmaceuticals & Medical Devices Online

Marketing drugs and medical devices have always been a tricky business since regulations require that advertisements present a balanced picture of a drug’s risks and benefits. In recent years, the FDA and FTC have expanded their investigations into advertisements and labeling information on online content, including websites and blogs, Facebook and Twitter posts, YouTube videos, banner ads, and infographics to name a few.

Pagefreezer Recordkeeping Solutions

Pagefreezer allows healthcare companies to monitor, collect, and archive the following online data:

Website Content

Pagefreezer is capable of archiving complex modern websites. We collect full metadata, adding digital signatures and timestamps to every page.

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Social Media Accounts

Thanks to API integrations, Pagefreezer is able to monitor and archive major social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter in real-time.

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Enterprise Collaboration Platforms

We are capable of monitoring and archiving enterprise collaboration data from platforms like Workplace by Facebook, Chatter, and Yammer.

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Mobile Text Messages

Pagefreezer can also archive mobile text messages. We have solutions for both employer-issued and BYOD phones.

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