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The Challenge

Curbing inappropriate online behavior and preventing data loss.

Social media channels and enterprise collaboration platforms can be conduits for inappropriate conversations and data leakage.

The Solution

Monitor and moderate accounts in real-time.

Pagefreezer’s monitoring and data loss prevention capabilities allow organizations to gain control of online channels—know as soon as an inappropriate comment or sensitive piece of data is posted on social media accounts and enterprise collaboration platforms.

Enforcing an Organization’s Communication Policies

Monitor conversations through keyword alerts to know when inappropriate language is being used.

Real-Time Monitoring for Data Loss Prevention

Use text-pattern libraries associated with common sensitive information to address data loss/leakage.

White Paper: Social Media & eDiscovery – Collecting Online Conversations for Litigation

Millions of online conversations are taking place on social media platforms every minute. This is changing the eDiscovery landscape as we know it. Cases involving social media have continued to increase at a rapid pace, which means organizations need to be able to capture, preserve, and easily review social media data.

Enforcing Communication Policies

Do you know exactly what conversations employees are having on social media channels and enterprise collaboration platforms? Organizations typically have policies that outline what acceptable language and communication in the workplace look like. But how can these policies best be enforced on social media and enterprise collaboration platforms? And how do you ensure that rogue users aren’t using these channels to bully and harass others?

Pagefreezer allows for the real-time monitoring of social media accounts and enterprise social networks (including direct/private conversations) to ensure that their use complies with communication policies. As soon as a flagged keyword or phrase is used, administrators receive an alert.

This is useful for both enterprises, which might largely be concerned with appropriate use of internal enterprise collaboration platforms, and public-sector organizations—like police departments—that want to monitor social media pages for threats and foul language. Our extended keyword libraries include lists of offensive language phrases related to public safety, and allows organizations to monitor the conversation for specific keywords with the simple click of a button.

Sentiment Analysis for Smart Alerts

Pagefreezer also offers an artificial intelligence feature that notifies users only of particularly negative comments. It can scan records to identify and classify writers’ emotions, which allows Pagefreezer to only send alert messages when the writer has a negative sentiment, and not when a comment is neutral and requires no immediate response. 

A good example is COVID-19. Keyword notifications associated with this term are almost certain to return lots of comments that do not require any action. By analyzing a writer’s sentiment, it becomes much easier to filter out irrelevant content and focus only on those negative comments that need to be addressed quickly.

Monitoring and Data Loss Prevention

As is the case with email, there is a risk that social media channels and enterprise collaboration platforms will be used to share sensitive company/personal information. For this reason, it’s important that organizations monitor these channels to prevent data loss/leakage.

Pagefreezer allows you to monitor social media and enterprise collaboration platforms in real-time and receive alerts as soon as a sensitive piece of information is shared.

Monitoring is also simplified through keyword libraries. Instead of entering multiple flagged words/numbers, users can select pre-canned text patterns that instantly adds large sets of words/characters. Our extended libraries include common sensitive information such as passport, healthcare, social security, and banking numbers.  

Learn how Pagefreezer can help you monitor and secure your online channels.

Get in touch with us to learn more and see Pagefreezer’s monitoring and data loss prevention solutions in action.

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