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Protect Your Website Records

Automatically Archive All Your Website Content with a Simple Solution

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website archiving

Why archive websites?

You’re in charge of retaining records of your organization’s online properties. You understand that proper website archiving not only makes good business sense but is also, in many cases, a legal requirement.

But it’s not just about meeting compliance requirements; it’s about protecting your content, too. With our web archiving tools, you will have peace of mind, we keep your business protected against false claims, intellectual property theft, and against information audits or freedom of information requests.

You know it’s important. But let’s be honest, You don’t want to spend hours and hours learning about it, developing systems and processes, and spending even more time in the ongoing management of the task.

“Website Archiving: Fulfilling Compliance, Regulatory, and eDiscovery Requirements”

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PageFreezer Provides Reliable Website Archiving Services

PageFreezer has successfully archived websites for three major industries, and more. Capture the data you want right when you need it without relying on an IT department.

Automatic Website Archiving

Automatic Archiving

PageFreezer uses crawling technology, similar to that of Google, to take snapshots of your website. Archiving is an automated process, saving you time. With dynamic monitoring, new web pages and changes to web pages are noted, so your archive is always up to date.
No Software Installation

No Software Installation

PageFreezer is an online service. No software to install or configure. Set up your account and begin archiving your website within an hour! Everything is taken off your hands. Our secure cloud-based system makes management and accountability a snap.
Fair Pricing

Fair Pricing

No matter your organization size, you’ll get full value knowing your online content is properly archived. The small cost of effective archiving is insurance against all the problems of improperly archived, difficult to find, or worse, missing materials.
Live Browsing

Live Browsing

Log into your PageFreezer dashboard to view a list of all archived websites. Click on an archive to open the website as if it is still live to see how the site looked on a specified date.
Powerful Search


Powerful search functions allow you to quickly find archived pages. Narrow your search by a website, date, keywords and more filters. Easily dig up that internet archive website page you’re looking for instantly.
Legal Evidence

Legal Evidence

Digital archives are worthless in the case of legal claims, unless providing evidence of data integrity and authenticity. PageFreezer provides trusted, non-refutable evidence.
Digital Signatures

SHA-256 Digital Signature/Timestamp

Prove the archived web pages are not altered over time and adhere to evidentiary guidelines such as FRCP, and FRE. Each page is time stamped with an ANSI X9.95 compliant Time Stamp Authority securely synchronized with the certified atomic clocks of a Stratum-1 Time Server.
Compare Web Pages

Compare Web Pages

View the changes between two different versions of a single web page. You’ll be able to select two dates and view the textual changes between the two – deletions highlighted in red, additions highlighted in green. This makes it easier to see exactly what changed on your site from one version to another.
Data Export

Data Export

Your data is yours and remains yours. When dealing with a legal claim that requires a physical copy of your files, or when you need a local copy for any other reason, get a data export of all your archived files. HTML, CSS, Javascript, XML, get the complete and accurate files and file structure that existed on that specific date.

Preserve Your Corporate Identity with Our Website Monitoring

Capturing web data is essential to meeting compliance or recordkeeping requirements. Collect your web content and archive your pages regularly to keep up with the changes.

Who is it for?

PageFreezer has archived websites for a wide range of industries, including organizations in the finance, legal, telecom, retail, government, and education sector. We are a B2B company that serves three major industries:

  • Government agencies
  • Financial services
  • Enterprise firms

What is it for?

Web archiving involves preserving and storing data in an archive for future use or reference. We use crawling technology and other automated methods to capture verified snapshots of your website. Our web archiving software services has helped corporations monitor, store, and update their web content for the following purposes:

  • Regulatory compliance
  • Liability protection, eDiscovery and legal investigations
  • Competitive intelligence
“Very easy to use. Quick reporting of data when needed … Assists me with not having to keep paper copies or to insure we make copies of each page when updates are made. It is a time saver.” – Cathy Cucharale, COO, CCO, M. Griffith Investment Services, Inc.Read More Testimonials
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