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Electronic Records Management for Public Safety

Monitor and Archive Online Social Media and Website Data

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Case Study: Fort Worth Police Department

Fort Worth PD: A Move from Manual to Automated Archiving

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Monitor and Moderate the Conversation

Online channels like social media represent a great opportunity for public safety organizations to engage with the public and share critical information, but it also introduces certain challenges. Public safety tends to see some of the highest levels of online engagement in the entire public-sector sphere, so properly managing this constant two-way stream of information can be difficult. What do you do when you have 300,000 Facebook followers and every post receives hundreds of comments?

With this in mind, law enforcement, fire service, and emergency management need a way to monitor online conversations for inappropriate behavior and capture all content in real-time so even deleted content is archived. Whether it’s an agency deciding to delete someone’s profanity-laden comment or an external user removing their own incriminating message, having access to deleted content can be immensely useful. Not only is this important for compliance with open records laws but it also helps in creating an open and inclusive public forum, and ultimately, a safer and more close-knit community.


Pagefreezer Recordkeeping Capabilities

Pagefreezer allows enterprises to monitor, collect, and archive the following online data:


Pagefreezer is capable of archiving complex modern websites. We collect full metadata, adding digital signatures and timestamps to every page.

Social Media

Social Media
Thanks to API integrations, Pagefreezer is able to monitor and archive major social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter in real-time.

Enterprise Collaboration

Enterprise Collaboration
We are capable of monitoring and archiving enterprise collaboration data from platforms like Workplace by Facebook, Chatter, and Yammer.

Mobile Text

Mobile Text
Pagefreezer can also archive mobile text messages. We have solutions for both employer-issued and BYOD phones.

Solution Highlights

To assist public safety organizations in monitoring and online data, Pagefreezer offers a suite of products that simplify and automate the creation, retention, management, and disposal of online data. Below are some solution highlights.

Monitoring and Data Loss Prevention

Actively monitor conversations on social media and enterprise collaboration platforms to ensure compliance with communication policies and prevent data loss. Alerts are based on lists of keywords, pre-defined text and number patterns, profanity, and custom text patterns.

Live Replay

View content in the original look and feel. Next to each social media message, for instance, the interface displays the metadata for that message and the history of all changes. Pagefreezer displays all message types, images, comments, and replies to comments in the same way as they appeared on the original social media platform.

Track Changes

Track changes and deletions across webpages, social media posts, and messages. Pagefreezer makes it easy to compare different chronological versions; deleted content is highlighted in red, with deletion date and time clearly shown. Changes/additions are shown in green.

Advanced Search

Use full-text search to find specific archived pages, messages, and social media posts. This makes eDiscovery and general content collection much easier, ultimately saving time and money. Users can search by keywords, phrases, boolean operators, social media networks, accounts, and date ranges.

Data Export

Export selected data in formats like PDF and WARC. Specific social media accounts, selections of messages, open records cases, or even a complete account archive can be exported. The exports include all selected messages and conversation threads, as well as associated metadata.

Retention Scheduling and Legal Hold

Automate the disposal of data and simplify alignment with your organization’s record retention policies through retention scheduling. Data can also be placed on legal hold to override retention schedules.

Pagefreezer Security

Pagefreezer Security

Pagefreezer takes the responsibility of protecting customers’ data very seriously. Our application, platform, and organizational security are all designed with the belief that no one should ever gain unauthorized access to electronic records.

  • Pagefreezer’s management system is ISO 27001:2013 certified, and we make use of data centers that are SOC 1 and SOC 2 certified.
  • We offer enterprise-level security features such as two-factor authentication, IP whitelisting, concurrent login management, and password policy management.
  • Audit logs give platform administrators detailed insight into all activities on the system, including what exactly was done, who did it, and when this activity took place.
  • Disaster recovery support is offered through data backup with fail-over, as well as the ability to recover content within 30 days of deletion.

For more information, please visit our Security Page.

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