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The Challenge

Online data has to be collected and preserved for use during litigation.

With website, social media, enterprise collaboration, and mobile text content increasingly being used in litigation, legal teams need to collect, preserve, review, and ultimately present this information.

The Solution

Collect and preserve online content in real-time to ensure every post and comment is available during litigation. Find what you need through advanced search and export this data in defensible quality.

With the average civil case consisting of more than six million pages (100+ gigabytes of data), legal professionals need more effective ways of managing large volumes of digital information. Pagefreezer provides eDiscovery and litigation readiness solutions that allow you to not only capture crucial data in real-time, but also manage it efficiently—quickly search, review, and export it for litigation purposes.

Pagefreezer meets and exceeds our stringent internal record retention policies and provides us with protection from litigation that involves online content.

– Scott Elliot, Web Strategist, Sprott Shaw College

Real-Time Collection and Preservation

Leverage platform APIs to ensure that you catch every edited post and deleted comment on social media channels and enterprise collaboration platforms.

ESI Search and Export

Use advanced search to quickly search through hundreds of thousands of records for that particular post, comment, or even emoji that’s relevant to a legal matter at hand. Export it in defensible format with the click of a button.

Retention Scheduling and Legal (Litigation) Hold

Easily set retention schedules for online data that align with the existing policies of your organization. Place a user or piece of data on legal (litigation) hold to prevent it from being disposed of as part of routine disposal.

Monitoring and Data Loss Prevention

Know exactly what sort of information users are sharing on platforms. Get alerts whenever sensitive information (like credit card numbers) or inappropriate content (such as profanity) is being shared.

White Paper: Social Media & eDiscovery – Collecting Online Conversations for Litigation

Millions of online conversations are taking place on social media platforms every minute. This is changing the eDiscovery landscape as we know it. Cases involving social media have continued to increase at a rapid pace, which means organizations need to be able to capture, preserve, and easily review social media data.

Real-Time Collection and Preservation

Collect and preserve websites, social media, mobile text messages, and enterprise social media networks automatically and in real-time so you never find yourself without that crucial piece of evidence.

Pinpoint exact changes and deleted content in your archives. Pagefreezer indicates all changes to online content, even if they occurred immediately after posting. Any changes are easy to find with expandable version history (drop-downs) and highlighted tracked changes.

Retention Scheduling and Legal (Litigation) Hold

Pagefreezer makes it easy to dispose of data once you no longer need to retain it by managing retention schedules directly through your dashboard. Simply set how long data should be kept for, and information will automatically be removed from your archives once the retention period expires. Should you need to recover deleted data, we also offer a 30-day grace period during which data can be recovered.

To ensure that a piece of relevant data isn’t lost due to regular retention scheduling, Pagefreezer allows organizations to place data on legal hold. By placing content on legal hold, the normal retention schedule is overridden to protect that data and preserve it for litigation.   

Monitoring and Data Loss Prevention

Don’t want to archive tons of data you won’t need? Use Pagefreezer’s extended text pattern monitoring to receive alerts when inappropriate information is shared and know when to start archiving where risks exist and place a user (or piece of content) on legal hold.

Instead of manually entering multiple keywords or number patterns you want to keep an eye on, users can select pre-canned text patterns that instantly monitors for large sets of words. Our extended libraries include offensive language and phrases related to public safety, as well as common sensitive information related to privacy such as passport, healthcare, social security, and banking numbers.   

Learn how Pagefreezer can streamline your eDiscovery processes and improve litigation readiness

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