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Place Data on Legal Hold to Prevent Disposal.

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The Challenge

Preserving online data related to legal matters.

Thanks to the real-time, always-on nature of online data, it can be difficult to prevent the spoliation or accidental disposal of crucial records.

The Solution

Be able to place online data like social media and enterprise collaboration content on legal (litigation) hold to prevent disposal.

In order to preserve online data, legal teams should be able to place it on hold and prevent it from being disposed of. They should also be able to quickly export this data, and even recover it if it’s already been deleted.

Real-Time Capture and Archiving

Capture and preserve every edited post and deleted comment on social media channels and enterprise collaboration platforms.

Legal Hold

Instantly place a post, conversation, or user on legal (litigation) hold to prevent the deletion of crucial content.

Case Matter Management

Create case files to collect relevant information and export data in defensible quality.

White Paper: Social Media & eDiscovery – Collecting Online Conversations for Litigation

Millions of online conversations are taking place on social media platforms every minute. This is changing the eDiscovery landscape as we know it. Cases involving social media have continued to increase at a rapid pace, which means organizations need to be able to capture, preserve, and easily review social media data.

Real-Time Capture and Archiving

Archive websites, social media, and enterprise social media networks automatically and in real-time so no content is missed. Pagefreezer makes your archives accessible in the dashboard for browsing.

Pinpoint exact changes and deleted content in your archives. Pagefreezer indicates all changes in the user interface, even if they occurred immediately after posting. Text changes are highlighted in red (removed) and green (added).

Case Matter Management

Pagefreezer offers advanced search functionality that allows administrators to quickly find all content related to a specific user. Simply enter a user’s name and all posts, comments, reactions, etc. related to them will be displayed.

With Pagefreezer, you can create case files related to a specific legal matter—it’s as simple as adding all relevant records to the case file and exporting those in defensible quality. Choose to place an entire case and all records within it on legal hold, as needed.

Legal departments can export defensible records directly from the Pagefreezer dashboard. Exports contain all metadata, as well as SHA-256 bit strong digital signatures and timestamps. Data exports can also be ingested by the latest eDiscovery platforms, streamlining legal workflows and cutting down on document review times.

Learn how Pagefreezer facilitates legal holds and helps preserve digital evidence

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