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WebPreserver – reliable, automated preservation of social media and web evidence.

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Capture evidence with two simple clicks

See it, capture it. Instantly preserve web pages and social media profiles using our browser-based plug-in. Captured content is immediately preserved as forensically-defensible evidence, right on your computer.

Auto-expand comments and replies

Save time and expand your collections. WebPreserver’s expands long collapsed posts, comment threads, and replies, ensuring hidden content is captured without you having to manually expand these sections.

Export evidence in any format

Generate defensible evidence in seconds. Easily export collected evidence in OCR PDF, MHTML, or WARC. The OCR PDF and MHTML file formats provide the full context of content and are completely searchable.

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It’s crucial that investigators act quickly. WebPreserver allows you to do this. You can capture an entire timeline or account before some crucial piece of evidence disappears.

– Tony Imossi, Head of the Secretariat, Association of British Investigators (ABI)

The future of web & social media capture tools

Modern life is digital. As online interactions increase, so does the need for website and social media evidence collections.

Social media and web evidence can make or break cases – but it is all too easily lost, destroyed or invalidated. From internal disputes through to legal challenges, the ability to reliably capture web evidence is essential.

Manually capturing web page or social media evidence is unreliable and time-consuming. Authenticating social media evidence can be a challenge without the right tools at your disposal. 

In just a few clicks, you can gather legally admissible web evidence with ease with WebPreserver – our web capture software offers the ultimate online investigation tool.

Quick Collections

Collect and preserve social media and website content right through your browser. WebPreserver is a browser-based plugin that lets you instantly collect online evidence and save it to your local hard drive.

Defensible Evidence

Digital evidence requires proof of authenticity under the Federal Rules of Evidence. WebPreserver generates authenticated evidence that will stand up in court. WebPreserver places a 256-bit digital signature and timestamps on all captured files using a certified Stratum-1 atomic clock in compliance with the eSign act.

Expanded Investigations

Thanks to WebPreserver’s quick, automated evidence capture, you can greatly expand your online investigations — simply capture an entire social media account or timeline and then search the captured OCR PDF or MHTML file for relevant content.

WebPreserver’s Key Features:

WebPreserver’s web capture software enables instant, automated collection of web and social media evidence. Fast and reliable – our social media ediscovery tools are an essential part of your SOCMINT arsenal.

An accessible, intuitive and feature-rich online investigation tool – WebPreserver offers one streamlined solution for all your web capture and preservation needs.

Capture Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok & More…

WebPreserver can turn any social media profile into authenticated evidence. Just pull up the profile, set preservation parameters in the drop-down menu, and preserve content. Capture the entire profile or only what’s relevant, and easily export that evidence in a defensible format that can be submitted to court.

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Full Website Capture

WebPreserver preserves entire websites with a couple of clicks without the usual JavaScript-based snags encountered with most web crawlers. WebPreserver not only includes a sophisticated web crawler but also features a proprietary web-harvesting “bulk capture” tool that effortlessly preserves any type of web domain (or sections thereof) with a few simple clicks.

Automated Video Capture

WebPreserver automatically preserves embedded video content as forensic evidence. WebPreserver will collect all videos within your specified preservation scope, and make them available for immediate download, along with all other associated content. You don’t have to juggle multiple tools anymore, and you don’t have to live with simple file exports that can be doctored, or risk the suggestion by opposing counsel that the videos you collected might be deepfakes.

Capture Evidence Immediately

Social media posts can be altered quickly. If you outsource your preservations to a service vendor, a significant amount of time can pass before the required captures are made. During that time, the available evidence may change significantly. The WebPreserver plugin allows you to preserve online evidence immediately, greatly reducing the likelihood that it will be edited and/or deleted by a third party before collection.

Automate the Collection Process

Investigators often complain that social media preservation is slow and frustrating work. Social media content often requires manual expansion to be visible, such as comments and replies on Facebook. A 500-page Facebook timeline may be well over 3,000 pages long after expanding all hidden content. This can take hours, sometimes days if done manually. WebPreserver scales your workflow by automating this process entirely — allowing you to focus on other work as the plugin goes to work.

Capture Pop-Ups & Embedded Windows

When collecting evidence from platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Microsoft Sharepoint, and many others, you often need to capture pop-ups and other embedded windows. WebPreserver allows you to do this easily and quickly—all while maintaining the authenticity and defensibility of your evidence. Capture Facebook post reactions, Twitter DMs, Google reviews, or anything else in a pop-up/embedded window with the click of a button!

Preserve with Confidence

When using an API-based collection tool, have your Facebook examiner accounts been flagged as suspicious and locked? Are you pulling your hair out because this happens again and again, crippling your eDiscovery team? WebPreserver’s preservation method does not prompt Facebook to flag your account as suspicious. No flagged accounts, no suggested friends, no IP trails, no locked accounts, and no activity traced back to you.

Easy Onboarding

On-boarding your team with WebPreserver is effortless. Whether you’re a private investigator or a firm with many employees, user adoption is seamless. Just load the browser plug-in, available from the Google Play Store. No configuration headaches, and no need to tie up your IT team.

Depend on WebPreserver

Say good bye to manual evidence collection using multiple tools with WebPreserver — a dependable, specialized website and social media investigation tool. In a couple of clicks, you can collect the web evidence in a verifiable manner and in the searchable formats you need.

Start Collecting Online Evidence

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