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Organizations across all sectors need to monitor online conversations and keep records of their websites, social media channels, corporate chat tools, and mobile text messages. Pagefreezer helps them do it.

Millions of conversations are taking place online every minute. And the content of all these conversations is often important and sensitive. Regulations demand accurate recordkeeping of all content, and companies are realizing the value of having access to complete, searchable electronic records—not only for evidence capture and litigation preparedness, but also for greater insight into how and why conversations are taking place.

Pagefreezer was founded to help organizations with the complex task of electronic records management. With so much data being generated across websites, social media channels, collaboration platforms, and mobile messages, keeping accurate archives of it all can be difficult.

We help by offering solutions at every stage of the information governance lifecycle: creation, retention, management, and disposal. Pagefreezer provides a single comprehensive solution that archives information in real-time and gives organizations a simple and effective way to search and use collected data.


Pagefreezer founded by Michael Riedijk.


The number of current Pagefreezer customers.


Websites archived since Pagefreezer’s launch.


Social media accounts currently being captured.

Discover the Truth

Pagefreezer is a SaaS platform that lets organizations permanently preserve their website, social media, SMS and corporate chat content in evidentiary quality, and access those archives and replay them as if they’re still live.

Sophisticated archiving capabilities ensure all content is captured and archived in real-time. So even if your content is deleted and taken down, you can rest assured that we will retain an unalterable record of your critical data. This content can be accessed through a dashboard that not only allows for the seamless search of digital content, but also lets organizations monitor platforms for risky activity and conversations.

When it comes to public-sector solutions, Pagefreezer was the first to offer archiving of platforms like Nextdoor and Nixle, automate the Open Records Request process through our integration with GovQA, and introduce an open records portal to support government transparency.

Built on Trust

We realize that organizations are placing their trust in us when they give us the responsibility of archiving their data, which is why we take security very seriously. We are a proven vendor with over 1,800 customers, including the IRS, Verizon Wireless, Bank of America, Fidelity, Motorola, and others.

Pagefreezer has achieved the SOC 2 Type 1 report as an attestation that our services comply with SOC’s standards for operational security. Pagefreezer’s management system is also ISO 27001:2013 certified, meaning that we consistently meet the security goals outlined in ISO 27001.

Leading Through Innovation

At Pagefreezer, we’re obsessed with innovation. Since the founding of the company, we’ve consistently been first to market with industry-leading innovations. For instance, Pagefreezer was the first to make use of SHA-256 digital signatures that legalize web and social media records, and the first to provide a public portal for easy access to archived data. We were also the first to offer archiving of enterprise collaboration platforms like Workplace by Facebook, Yammer, and Salesforce Chatter. 

Meet Our Team

Executive Team

Michael Riedijk

CEO and Founder

With more than 20 years of experience building successful technology companies in Europe and North America, Michael Riedijk is recognized as a leading innovator in compliance technologies. Originally from The Netherlands, Michael relocated to Canada and launched Pagefreezer in 2010. 

Peter Callaghan

Chief Revenue Officer

Peter Callaghan has a very successful record in the tech industry, bringing significant market share increases and exponential revenue growth to the companies he has served. He has a passion for building high-performance sales and marketing teams, developing value-based go-to-market strategies, and creating effective brand strategies.

Our Team

Kaitlin Graves

HR Manager

Ira Dixon

Director, Customer Experience

Caroline Hui

VP Finance,CPA,CGA

Julien Law

Software Engineer

Fábio Pedrosa

Software Engineer

Fan Jia

Software Engineer

Valerie La

UX & Visual Designer

Richard Park

Senior Technical Support Specialist

Reginaldo Russinholi

Software Engineer

Nicholas Amorim

Software Engineer

Ruslan Romanenko

Software Engineer

Diego Marchi

Director of Engineering

John Jansen

Director of Sales, Europe

Peter Boulton

Account Executive

Barry Felker

Director of Sales, Enterprise

Danny Ngo-Ha

Implementation & Training Specialist

Kevin D. Lee Ph.D.

Principal Software Engineer & Architect

Cameron Gremell

Sales Development Representative

Janet Wong

Customer Success Specialist

Salil Verma

Customer Success Specialist

Gabby Kalaw

Director, Global Alliances


Barketing Assistant

Johnny Moynihan

Customer Support Specialist

Dylan Kirby

Software Engineer

Clayton Correia

Director of Product


Pawduct Manager

David Proctor

Software Engineer

Mehak Verma

QA Automation Engineer

Ambika Bhat

QA Automation Engineer

Paulo Simoes de Melo

Software Engineer

Luca Intini

Manager of Systems, Infrastructure, & Security

Kaija Phipps

Information Security Specialist

Gurj Bhangal

Human Resources Coordinator

George van Rooyen

Content Marketing Specialist

Morgan Oliver

Web & Graphic Designer

Miranda Pang

Marketing Manager

Rodrigo Embeita

Infrastructure Engineer

Oleg Ivanivskyi

Systems Engineer

Edmond Burnett

Software Engineer

Neesha Desai

Software Engineer

Chris Lupul

Infrastructure Engineer

Harveer Ladhar

Customer Success Manager

Mike Saar

Director of Business Development, UK

Nick Riley

Director of Business Development, Oceania


Head Office:
#500-311 Water Street
Vancouver, BC V6B 1B8

US Office:
#1400-506 2nd Avenue
Seattle, Washington, 98104
United States

Europe Office:
Laurenspark 6
4835 GX Breda
The Netherlands

UK Office:
+44 (0)20 3314 7921

Australia Office:
+61 (07) 3186 2199

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