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The Challenge

Organizations need to take ownership of their online data and store it in a responsible way.

Data needs to be captured and preserved for compliance, litigation readiness, and to improve overall information governance.

The Solution

A comprehensive approach to information governance of online data.

Information governance (IG) is a holistic approach to data management. It aims to make valuable information readily available to stakeholders while simplifying information management, reducing costs, and making sure the company complies with established guidelines and regulations. A solid framework for IG also reduces the legal risk that comes with improperly managed data.

Pagefreezer meets and exceeds our stringent internal record retention policies and provides us with protection from litigation that involves online content.

– Scott Elliot, Web Strategist, Sprott Shaw College

Pagefreezer provides information governance tools and solutions that allow you to take ownership of your online data at every stage of the lifecycle.

Record Creation

Capture all data—every edit and deletion on webpages, social media channels, and enterprise collaboration platforms.

Data Retention

Own your online data. Archive data securely in Pagefreezer’s SOC 1, SOC 2, and ISO certified data centers.

Records Management

Easily find what you need through Advanced Search and export data in a defensible format that complies with the rules of digital evidence.

Data Disposal

Easily set retention schedules that disposes of online data as soon as you’re no longer legally required to keep it.

White Paper: Information Governance in the Modern Enterprise

Unlike more discreet traditional records, ever-evolving online data sources can create endlessly streaming records that are outdated almost as soon as they are collected. Just consider, for example, a simple Facebook post. The post itself can be edited (or deleted), link out to external content, receive thousands of likes and shares, and invite hundreds of comments. With every new like and comment, a new record is created. This white paper outlines how organizations should be handling this data.

Data Capture and Record Creation

Thanks to the real-time nature of social media channels and enterprise collaboration platforms, capturing every edit to a post or every comment that’s deleted can be difficult. What if a Facebook comment is deleted shortly after it’s posted, but the content of that comment turns out to be relevant to a legal case? Where and how would that comment be found?

Pagefreezer lets you record all social media and enterprise collaboration activity and view it through your online dashboard—see every edited version of a post or comment in chronological order, as well as all deleted content.

Similarly, Pagefreezer uses crawling technology to take snapshots of your website. With dynamic monitoring, new webpages and changes to existing pages are captured, so your website archive is always completely up to date and free of data gaps.    

Data Retention and Secure Archiving

Good information governance starts with taking ownership of your online data—don’t depend on platform owners for the retention of your electronic records. With Pagefreezer, organizations can archive data in our secure SOC 1, SOC 2, and ISO certified data centers and always have access to information, even it it’s removed from the social media page or website.

Pagefreezer itself has achieved the SOC 2 Type 1 & Type 2 reports, as an attestation that our services comply with SOC’s standards for operational security. Pagefreezer’s management system is also ISO 27001:2013 certified, meaning that we consistently meet the security goals outlined in ISO 27001. This includes limiting data access only to those who are authorized, protecting data integrity by preventing unauthorized alteration, and offering customers reliable access to the data that they need.

Records Management and Legal Hold

Quickly locate specific pieces of data whenever you need them. Either conduct a simple search using a single keyword or conduct an advanced search using multiple keywords and filters. Pagefreezer allows users to search across multiple archives and accounts and find all records related to a specific user, topic, keyword, etc.

Share data from your archives with others by exporting custom reports in CSV, PDF, and WARC. Prove integrity and authenticity of your data with PageFreezer’s SHA-256 bit digital signatures and timestamps on each archived page or post. Data can also be ingested by modern eDiscovery platforms to simplify the discovery process and streamline litigation readiness.

Pagefreezer provides legal hold functionality to override retention scheduling and prevent accidental disposal of crucial information. Simply place an account, user, or a piece of content on legal hold to ensure that it isn’t disposed of.

Data Disposal and Retention Scheduling

A crucial component of information security is the effective management of data throughout its lifetime, from collection all the way to eventual deletion. Because of this, Pagefreezer has implemented controls based on NIST standards for the sanitation and disposal of storage and removable media to manage risks associated with security breaches and confidential information leakage of data on computer hardware and storage media devices.

Data does not typically stay in an archive forever. Once the period that an organization is obligated to keep information for expires, data is usually disposed of. Pagefreezer offers retention scheduling of archived online data that allows for easy alignment with an organization’s existing policies.

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