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Compliance, eDiscovery and Monitoring for Corporate Social Media

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“The Rise of Enterprise Collaboration Networks”

Recordkeeping implications of using social media networks internally

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Internal Social Media Conversations Are Official Records

As collaborative platforms like Workplace by Facebook and Chatter continue to replace email, it is critical that organizations treat these internal social media conversations just like all other business communications that must be collected, filed and protected for compliance. This content is also subject to eDiscovery and often used in investigations during legal cases.


The Risks of Internal Social Media

Enterprise collaboration networks are known to bring improvements in productivity and employee engagement, but not without risks. According to record-keeping rules and regulations like SEC, FINRA, MiFID II and GDPR, organizations are required to ensure an information governance system is in place for the data stored within these networks. Corporate chats, closed groups and document sharing can also lead to the legal risks of information leakage, harassment, cyberbullying and sharing of confidential company, client or personal information if not closely monitored.

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The PageFreezer Solution

PageFreezer is a proven, trusted archiving software that helps enterprises:

  • Automatically collect internal social media activity
  • Capture edits, additions, and deletions to posts, bearing full information on when and where they were created
  • Monitor social media activity for risky situations and forbidden keywords
  • Validate authenticity and integrity of captured records
  • Retain records according to retention schedules

Enterprise Collaboration Networks

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