Enterprise Collaboration Monitoring and Capture

Internal social media conversations are official records. Reduce the security, legal, and compliance risks of your internal communications with enterprise collaboration monitoring and archiving.

Monitor activity for data loss prevention (DLP) and to curb inappropriate employee conversations.

Collect and review enterprise collaboration records for early case assessment and litigation readiness.

Keep accurate communications records and prove compliance with official recordkeeping requirements.

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Enterprise social networks and work collaboration tools house sensitive and valuable data. Pagefreezer lets you monitor and preserve all activity in real-time to meet security, litigation, and compliance obligations.

Monitoring Solutions

Leverage monitoring tools to curb data loss and identify inappropriate conversations in the workplace.

Legal Solutions

Gain quick and easy access to enterprise collaboration data to meet early case assessment and eDiscovery needs.

Compliance Solutions

Archive all data in real-time to meet compliance requirements and prepare for audits.

Having a complete record of all enterprise collaboration conversations allows us to easily investigate if there’s a claim of inappropriate behavior. If there’s an accusation, we can pull those records and verify. Even if a comment or conversation has been deleted, we can still find it in the archive.

– Mike Carter, Senior Technology Coordinator, Southwest West Central Service Cooperative

Keyword Monitoring and Policy Alerts

Pagefreezer’s extended text pattern monitoring makes it easy for customers to monitor social media platforms and receive alerts when inappropriate or sensitive information is shared. 

Instead of entering multiple flagged words, users can select pre-canned text patterns that instantly add large sets of words. Save time with extensive libraries of pre-canned text patterns that include:

  • Profanity and offensive language
  • Phrases related to public safety and threats of violence
  • Common sensitive info such as passport, healthcare, and banking numbers

Pagefreezer also offers an artificial intelligence feature that notifies users only of particularly negative comments. It can scan records to identify and classify writers’ emotions, which allows Pagefreezer to only send alert messages when the writer has a negative sentiment, and not when a comment is neutral and requires no immediate response. 

A good example is COVID-19. Keyword notifications associated with this term are almost certain to return lots of comments that do not require any action. By analyzing a writer’s sentiment, it becomes much easier to filter out irrelevant content and focus only on those negative comments that need to be addressed quickly.

Who is it for?

Our monitoring solutions are ideal for HR and communication teams looking to ensure that internal communications across the organization are in line with company policies. It’s also a crucial tool for IT and security teams looking to prevent data loss and the unsanctioned sharing of sensitive information. 

Meeting Recordkeeping Requirements

Enterprise collaboration records are official records. Industries like financial services must keep complete records of communications from regulated employees. This includes their communications on team collaboration tools. Similarly, public-sector entities are required to keep a complete and accurate archive of this data in order to comply with FOIA and Open Records recordkeeping requirements.  

Pagefreezer provides compliance officers and information governance professionals with a complete solution for the recordkeeping of enterprise collaboration content.

With Pagefreezer, organizations can: 

  • Archive all enterprise collaboration data, including groups, timelines, and direct conversations
  • Capture all changes, including edits to posts and deletion of comments
  • Export data to file formats such as PDF and WARC. Records are time-stamped and signed with a SHA-256 digital signature. All associated metadata is included in the export
  • Set up a public portal or public-access link to easily share content with external parties
  • Set data retention periods that align with the existing policies of your organization

Who is it for?

Organizations in the public sector and regulated industries. Compliance teams and information governance professionals tasked with keeping complete and accurate records of enterprise collaboration data.

Case Study: Risk Management of Enterprise Collaboration Data at Scale

See how Pagefreezer assisted a leading financial institution with the secure enterprise collaboration archiving of data for 80,000 employees.

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Pagefreezer Helps Organizations With the Following:

Financial Industry Compliance

eDiscovery and Litigation Readiness

Monitoring and
Data Loss Prevention

FOIA/Open Records Responses

GDPR & CCPA Compliance

Retention Scheduling and Legal Hold

Online Data Security

Information Governance of Online Data

Start Archiving Your Enterprise Collaboration Platform

Get in touch with us to learn more and see Pagefreezer’s enterprise collaboration network archiving in action. 

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