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Enterprise Collaboration Network Archiving

The Social Media Compliance Solution For Large Corporations & Fortune 500 Firms

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“The Rise of Enterprise Collaboration Networks”

Recordkeeping implications of using social media networks internally

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When An Online Presence is A Key Business Driver

A strong website and social media presence is common for Fortune 500 companies. Often engaging in e-commerce sites, blogs, online promotions, advertising, investor relations sites, social media accounts and more, for many corporations, their online presence practically IS essentially their business. With such a high volume of content online, there are many reasons why Fortune 500 corporations need to archive their content – from FTC, SEC and FDA compliance, to litigation preparedness, competitive intelligence purposes, corporate heritage purposes, and disaster recovery.


Online Content Can Have Big Implications

Major corporations are responding to allegations of all types of wrong-doing on a seemingly daily basis; and such cases are attracting more attention in the press than ever before. So, having defensible archives of your company’s online presence can be the difference between quickly settling a dispute and ending up with a costly and damaging public relations disaster. A solution that allows you to produce complete evidentiary quality archives of your online content can play an extremely important role.

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We Provide the Right Solution for the Corporations

PageFreezer provides a comprehensive website and social media archiving solution having worked with Fortune 500 firms from our very beginnings. Today, we continue to provide website & social media compliance solutions to many well-known brands and clients at the top of the Fortune 500 list. Our web-based SaaS platform is specifically designed to address and satisfy even the most demanding requirements. On any piece of content, we place a SHA-256 digital signature, proving that content has not been altered from the time that it was archived to the time it was retrieved. The content is also indelibly marked with a timestamp set against a Stratum-1 atomic clock, establishing the exact date and time at which the content was captured. Both these features adhere to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP) and Federal Rules of Evidence (FRE) as well as many social media compliance expectations set by the SEC, FINRA, FDA, FTC and others. Using world-class data centres, we also ensure your content is completely secure and backed-up.

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