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Online Evidence collection for Special Investigative Units

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Instant web and social media evidence collection

Capture critical evidence of insurance fraud from online forums, social media posts, videos, articles, and more – before it disappears.

Collect Social Media Evidence in Two-Clicks

Auto-expand threads and auto-scroll timelines on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok & more.

Capture Any Web Domain

Our powerful web harvesting tool effortlessly captures any web domain – even on the
dark web.

Automate Video & File Downloads

Videos and files in your web capture are collected and available for immediate download.


Export Defensible Evidence

Reduce spoilage with 256-bit digital signatures, metadata, and timestamps on all captured files.

The Association of British Investigators Reviews WebPreserver

“It’s crucial that investigators act quickly. WebPreserver allows you to do this. You can capture an entire timeline or account before some crucial piece of evidence disappears.”

Tony Imossi
Head of the Secretariat
Association of British Investigators (ABI)

On-Demand Services for Urgent or Challenging Collections

We can handle your most urgent or challenging evidence collections.

Forensically-sound social media and website evidence captures are delivered in their original formatting, including linked content, supporting metadata, and extracted text, enabling powerful search and review post-collection.






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Recordkeeping Solutions for Insurance Companies

Website Archiving

Archive complex modern websites with full metadata, digital signatures and timestamps for every record.

Social Media Archiving

Monitor and archive major social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok & Reddit in real-time.

Team Chat Archiving

Monitor and archive enterprise collaboration platforms like Workplace by Meta, Microsoft Teams, and Slack.

Mobile Text Archiving

We can help archive employee text messages on employer-issued devices or BYOD.

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