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Online Data Archiving for Government Organizations

The best thing about the Pagefreezer solution is that we know that we are as compliant with the law as possible…without requiring our staff to do any extra work in capturing and managing the archived data.”

– Dawn Bullwinkel, Assistant City Clerk/Special Projects, The City of Sacramento

Websites, social media accounts, enterprise collaboration platforms, and mobile text messaging offer government agencies the benefits of extended reach, flexibility, and ease of communication—but they also place certain demands on organizations.

These modern channels are typically defined as official government communications, meaning that their content must be captured and preserved to comply with FOIA/Open Records requests. If, for instance, a records request is submitted for a social media post or online conversation, an organization has to be able to deliver this content.

This may sound simple, but a request could easily include thousands of posts, or dozens of comments that were deleted months ago, at which point a records request can suddenly become problematic and time-consuming. Pagefreezer provides a data transparency solution for the public sector in the form of automated, real-time archiving of websites, social media, mobile text messages, and enterprise collaboration content.

The best thing about the Pagefreezer solution is that we know that we are as compliant with the law as possible…without requiring our staff to do any extra work in capturing and managing the archived data.”

– Dawn Bullwinkel, Assistant City Clerk/Special Projects, The City of Sacramento

Monitoring and Moderation of Online Conversations

With government social media pages and accounts often acting as public forums for citizen discourse, it’s not only crucial to keep an accurate record of these conversations—organizations should also be monitoring them in real-time to identify inappropriate content such as profanity, slurs, and threats of violence.

By receiving alerts as soon as inappropriate content is posted, organizations can act quickly and remove it without an employee having to actively moderate the account every moment of the day. Pagefreezer’s advanced government information transparency tools send notifications to administrators as soon as a flagged keyword or phrase is posted in an official account.

Sentiment Analysis for Smart Alerts

Pagefreezer also offers an artificial intelligence feature that notifies users only of particularly negative comments. It can scan records to identify and classify writers’ emotions, which allows Pagefreezer to only send alert messages when the writer has a negative sentiment, and not when a comment is neutral and requires no immediate response. 

A good example is COVID-19. Keyword notifications associated with this term are almost certain to return lots of comments that do not require any action. By analyzing a writer’s sentiment, it becomes much easier to filter out irrelevant content and focus only on those negative comments that need to be addressed quickly.

With Pagefreezer we now have true peace of mind knowing not only that we are in compliance with the regulations affecting us, but that we can also reproduce documents from our website easily to satisfy any public record request that comes our way.

– Clay Ghering, Director of Technology Services, Spokane Schools

More information by region:

The Government Guidebook to Electronic Records Management for FOIA & Open Records Compliance

Looking to understand how government organizations should handle online data sources in order to comply with FOIA and Open Records regulations? This handy guidebook outlines exactly what the challenges of accurate real-time recordkeeping are, and how these can be overcome.

Pagefreezer assists government organizations in tackling the following critical challenges:

FOIA and Open Records Response

As with email, Open Records laws require government organizations to keep records of online posts and conversations and provide access to citizens upon request. Organizations should not only be archiving all this data in order to comply with recordkeeping laws, they should also be managing it in a way that makes it easy to find specific posts/comments and export them in formats like PDF and WARC.

Monitoring and Data Loss Prevention

With public-sector social media accounts often acting as public forums, organizations should be monitoring accounts to ensure that inappropriate content isn’t being shared. Organizations should also be monitoring conversations on enterprise collaboration platforms to ensure compliance with internal communication policies and prevent data loss.

eDiscovery & Litigation Readiness

Website, social media, mobile text, and enterprise collaboration content is increasingly forming part of the eDiscovery and litigation process. Because of this, public-sector organizations need to be able to capture, preserve, and eventually present this data in a defensible format that complies with legal rules of evidence.

Improve Information Governance

Ever-evolving online data sources can create endlessly-streaming records that are outdated almost as soon as they are collected. Government organizations need to take ownership of this data to improve openness and transparency—and to ensure that they capture, archive, and eventually dispose of all this information in a secure and responsible fashion.

Pagefreezer Recordkeeping Solutions

Pagefreezer allows government organizations to monitor, collect, and archive the following online data:

Website Content

Pagefreezer is capable of archiving complex modern websites. We collect full metadata, adding digital signatures and timestamps to every page.

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Social Media Accounts

Thanks to API integrations, Pagefreezer is able to monitor and archive major social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter in real-time.

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Enterprise Collaboration Platforms

We are capable of monitoring and archiving enterprise collaboration data from platforms like Workplace by Facebook, Chatter, and Yammer.

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Mobile Text Messages

Pagefreezer can also archive mobile text messages. We have solutions for both employer-issued and BYOD phones.

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