Archiving for Government Agencies


How Your Government Agency Can Effectively Archive Online Content & Comply with Public Records Laws

Open Records & the Web

Is your Government agency increasingly pressured to retain accurate records of your online content? Websites, blogs and social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn all need to be properly archived.

Open Records requests are becoming more frequent and the number of court cases involving online content continues to escalate. Open Records Laws entail that you have access to your historical Online content – Can you fulfill those requests in a timely, efficient manner?

Online Records & Public Agencies

Online communication and electronic records are increasing for all businesses, and government agencies are no exception.  Particularly with the growing interest in “open government” and “Gov 2.0,” more agencies at federal, state, and local levels are increasing their online presence.  Electronic records grow more complex as government websites are populated with video, links to resources, RSS feeds, and more.

Social Media & Government

Social media is a growing concern as agencies strive to keep pace with an increasingly social, real-time online community.  22 out of 24 governments now maintain an active presence on a social network.  Who is keeping track of all this digital data and is it being properly preserved?

Open Records and FOI

Freedom of Information (FOI) and open records laws vary by state, but many require governments to produce records upon request “regardless of physical form.” Agencies must be prepared to produce electronic information that appeared on their website on a previous date. As governments increase the amount of their online content, it’s critical that they implement appropriate retention practices.


Governments are held accountable for the information published on their websites and yes, even on their social media accounts. Changes to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP) demand that agencies provide for the capture, storage, and retrieval of digital records that might be required in a judicial or regulatory situation. Additionally, the Federal Rules of Evidence have specific requirements for proving the authenticity of digital evidence in court. Are you in compliance?

Here’s a list of Current US State Open Records Laws

Managing Audits

How will your agency handle an audit, lawsuit, or FOI request? Will your IT department be left scrambling to produce the required content through time-consuming, outdated, and expensive processes? Or will you be confident that your records management plan provides for quick, complete retrieval of all relevant web pages?

Website and Social Media Archiving

It’s critical your government agency implements a robust records retention policy for your websites and social media pages.  You must preserve your online presence in a way that’s regulation-compliant, user-friendly, and above all, affordable.

That’s where PageFreezer can help you out. We’ve been developing our rock-solid archiving technology since 2006. We’re currently helping over 500 organizations fulfill their archiving requirements including multinationals, Fortune 500 Companies and other Government agencies.

PageFreezer provides an automated, cost-effective way to collect, retain and replay an agency’s online content without any involvement from your IT department.

PageFreezer’s SaaS-based archiving technology perfectly preserves your agency’s web pages while providing for powerful search and retrieval functionality.

Be the hero – If anyone asks for some data from way back when on your website, you’ll go back to them with an exact copy. They don’t need to know how easy it was for you to retrieve using PageFreezer.

On the other hand if you can’t retrieve that online content how will that look? Don’t leave it up to chance – Have an archive that is properly setup, maintained and easy to retrieve the exact document you need.

Discover the value of being prepared, for a price that fits your budget.

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