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Social Media Compliance with Public Records Laws

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The Complete Guide to Website & Social Media Recordkeeping for Governments

Information about Recordkeeping for Governments.

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Public Records Laws & Social Media Retention

Want to know more? We’ve done the homework for you.
Click the map below to learn the details of how Public Record Laws can apply to Website & Social Media content in your state.

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Click here’s to view a list of Current US State Open Records Laws


The Website & Social Media Archiving Solution

Public record laws state the kinds of information that must be delivered upon request and outline the required disclosure procedures and formats. Key recordkeeping requirements for compliance include collecting website and social media metadata, preserving content in original file formats, and retaining materials for at least 7 years.

Complying with these laws can cost governments thousands a year, at an average of $678 per information request. A recent report from Washington State’s Auditors Office also revealed that state and local governments spent $60 million to fill more than 285,000 public-records requests during a recent 12-month period!

Website & social media archiving can save dramatically on public records costs, making information available in the right formats, so it is easy to deliver if requested by any citizen, business or organization.

sacramento open portal

PageFreezer’s Public Portal

Our goal to make the Open Records compliance process as easy as possible for government agencies. Developed especially to meet transparency needs, PageFreezer’s Public Portal allows you to easily share your archived website & social media data with your constituents on demand, 24/7. You can now:

  • Access retained web and social media publications
  • Compare content from different timeframes
  • Perform keyword searches
  • Share your archives with the public in any web browser or mobile device, and
  • Download content in PDF format for later use

“As government agency we are required to capture and store everything posted on our Facebook page. PageFreezer is easy to navigate, search, and find exactly what I am looking for.”

Allen Hill, IT Manager at South Kitsap Fire & Rescue Kitsap County

sacramento open portal

The City of Sacramento Sets an Example

With 6 websites and over 75 social media accounts, The City of Sacramento is heavily dependent on its online properties to communicate key information to its citizens from project updates to employment information and even offers online services like animal services and traffic alerts. Making efforts to establish itself as a leader in forward-thinking cities, The City of Sacramento is making massive efforts to give citizens greater insight into its operations through its transparency strategy.

Ensure that any data of interest can be easily found and accessed by citizens, the City partnered with PageFreezer to archive all of its social media accounts and websites. The content is now available through PageFreezer’s Public Portal, allowing for easy browsing of archives or performance of full keyword searches.
Visit the portal here.

“We want to ensure that all useful public City data can be easily found and used by citizens”

Maria MacGunigal, Chief Information Officer

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