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The Challenge

Legal and investigative teams need to collect and assess online evidence for relevance to legal matters.

Online data like website content, social media timelines, team collaboration chats, and mobile text messages are increasingly being used in litigation and therefore need to be collected and preserved.

The Solution

Automated collection and preservation of data sources, both from an organization’s own accounts and third-party pages

Pagefreezer offers solutions that allow investigative teams to collect and preserve data from both company-owned and third-party sources.

We are able to collect social media data on multiple platforms with a single click, rather than manually taking screenshots, which used to take days to accomplish.

– Jennifer B, Help Desk Analyst, Law Practice, Mid-Market

Third-Party Sources

Capture legally-admissible online evidence through a user-friendly Chrome extension. Streamline and automate the capture of large websites and long social media timelines—no more time-consuming manual screenshots.

Company-Owned Sources

Collect and preserve an organization’s own data through automated solutions that capture content on their websites, social media accounts, corporate chats, and mobile text messages.

Third-Party Sources

One-Time Browser-Based Capture

WebPreserver enables legally admissible online evidence through one-time capture. The solution is delivered through a Chrome extension that installs on your toolbar and an intuitive dashboard for file management. 

WebPreserver does not rely on APIs. It automates activity within the browser to scroll through webpages and expand content in social media with full reliability. This means you won’t be subject to sudden restrictions on the data you can access and your examiner accounts won’t be flagged as suspicious.

With WebPreserver, legal and investigations teams can:

  • Capture online evidence from social media accounts and websites with two simple clicks
  • Expand their social media discovery—capture entire Facebook or Twitter timelines
  • Export content as searchable PDFs and search timelines for relevant keywords
  • Capture video with ease—quickly collect and authenticate videos from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram
  • Store captures directly to their computers, maintaining full digital chain of custody during collections 

Company-Owned Sources

Real-Time Automated Collection

Pagefreezer simplifies compliance and litigation preparedness by automatically collecting and preserving an organization’s websites, social media, mobile text messages, and team collaboration platforms in a cloud-based dashboard.

Sophisticated collection tools ensure all content is captured and preserved in real-time. Even if your content is deleted and taken down, you can rest assured that it will retain an unalterable record of your critical evidence. This content can be accessed through a dashboard that not only allows for the seamless search of ESI, but also lets organizations monitor platforms for risky activity and conversations.

With Pagefreezer, organizations can:

  • Add users and groups to the Pagefreezer dashboard and then instantly view a live replay of all content—including deleted data   
  • Use advanced search to deliver relevant content across all direct conversations, timelines, and groups in an instant
  • Instantly select relevant content, add comments, and export files to local servers for eDiscovery purposes
  • Export data to file formats such as CSV, PDF, and WARC and upload to an eDiscovery platform
  • Place users and data on legal hold to prevent the deletion of crucial enterprise collaboration content

Product Guide: WebPreserver and Pagefreezer — Choosing the Right Solution for Your Needs

Download our product guide to learn more about the solutions offered by Pagefreezer, including our third-party collection tool, WebPreserver.

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