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Website & Social Media Compliance, Monitoring and eDiscovery Solutions

PageFreezer takes compliance and litigation off your plate by automatically archiving your websites, social media and enterprise collaboration in one easy cloud-based dashboard.

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enterprise archiving

Information Governance for Enterprise Collaboration

Streamline your Intra-Company Communications, Risk-Free

Enterprise Collaboration speeds up decision making and improve engagement, but can risk leakage of confidential information or create opportunities for online harassment. Automatically monitor and capture employee posts, group discussions and private chats for legal and compliance review.

Enterprise Collaboration Network Archiving
social media archiving

Real-Time Social Media Archiving

Instantly Capture Social Media Posts, Edits and Deletions

Not complying with record-keeping regulations can result in significant penalties. Capture post, comment, reaction, and message data as well as deleted content in real-time so you can use your social media networks risk and worry-free.

website archive

Access the Past Web on Demand

Capture your Website in Evidentiary Quality

Your website counts as an official business record that must be archived on a daily basis for compliance. Capture your entire website, blog and intranet with all its metadata automatically to be confident in your compliance and equally prepared for eDiscovery.

Our Customers

Why PageFreezer?

Here’s a few reasons you’d want to choose our software and service:

Real-time Archiving

PageFreezer prides itself on archiving social media networks in real-time. This keeps your compliance risks at an absolute minimum knowing not a single moment or change is missed when your archives are created.

Easy Interface

PageFreezer's specialized, user-friendly interface displays pages, timelines and discussion threads in the same look-and-feel as the networks you use. Giving you this context makes our dashboard familiar and easy to use.

Fair Pricing Structure

PageFreezer does not charge you on a per-record basis. Depending on your plan, you can either archive unlimited records, or pay per social media account you archive.

Detailed Exports

PageFreezer makes it easy to share your data with team members, other departments and third parties. Our export formats contain complete messages, metadata and original post images and videos for even more context.