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Website & Social Media Archiving
for Compliance & eDiscovery

Collect your online content automatically, securely, and in required industry formats

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Social Media & eDiscovery: Collecting Online Conversations for Litigation

Social Media & eDiscovery: Collecting Online Conversations for Litigation

Learn how to collect reliable social media evidence for use in the courts.

social media archiving

Social Media Archiving

Know Who Said What, When

While social media offers organizations extended reach and flexibility as a means of communication, there are risks associated with using it. Corporations and government agencies face legal requirements to archive social media as mandated by regulators like FINRA, SEC or the FDA, and not putting efforts into social media compliance can result in significant penalties. Compliance aside, archiving conversations, posts, comments and metadata can also significantly assist in social media investigations (social media discovery) and has become widely accepted as digital evidence in the courts.

“PageFreezer is simple. So many other tools are complicated and hard to understand. We use PageFreezer to automate some of our SEC compliance needs. As a registered independent advisory firm, PageFreezer allows us to keep automated records of our Facebook posts and to monitor them for compliance.”

Braxton & Vog

Michael Heburn, COO Schroeder, Braxton & Vogt


Website Archiving

How to archive a website for compliance or litigation preparedness

Websites are home to key information like news, to job opportunities and project updates. In any industry it’s every organization’s responsibility to capture web history to comply with recordkeeping regulations. Archiving websites and blogs can be complex both from a technical and legal point of view as organizations must ensure that their archives are complete, secure and legally admissible.

“In reality websites have so much more than a document or photo on them, even though you like to think website and social media content is duplicated elsewhere, a lot of the time it’s not. It’s good to know you are able to track everything that can be requested at any time for any reason. As we start to roll out Twitter, Facebook and a blog next, we are glad we discovered PageFreezer.”

Central Utah Water Conservancy District

Chris (Christine) Calton, Records Manager, Central Utah Water Conservancy District

why archive

Why PageFreezer

Automatic, Secure, Reliable

PageFreezer offers you a real-time enterprise-class SaaS solution built to support the most complex websites and social media platforms. PageFreezer makes it possible to re-experience any past version of your website as though it were live – clicking links, playing video or audio, and viewing the pages exactly as they originally appeared. PageFreezer acts fast to automatically capture your social media posts, shares, direct messages and mentions for Facebook, Facebook at work, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google+, Tumblr, Instagram, Pinterest, Vimeo, Flickr, and Yammer so you can keep full track of all activity at all times.

Collect Your Data Automatically

PageFreezer gathers website and social media data as it occurs. Rest assured knowing your content is being captured automatically, without needing to schedule time to collect it yourself.

Produce Evidentiary Quality Archives

PageFreezer captures all of your website and social media content in evidentiary quality. All content is digitally signed (SHA-256) and time-stamped satisfying legal requirements for digital evidence.

Know Your Data is Safe & Accessible

PageFreezer employs world-class data centers to store & protect your data long term. Our servers are configured for long-term storage of 20+ years, enabling us to meet any record retention schedule.

Access the Past Web. On Demand.

Worry Free Automatic Archiving

PageFreezer is a On Demand solution designed for ordinary users. No software installation or special skills required. Start archiving your websites & social media in minutes.

Secure and Trustable

PageFreezer meets all major compliance standards and offers trusted, non-refutable evidence of their web communications in case of liability claims.