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The Risks of Online Content In Active Communities

The past decade has seen a steady flow of litigation in the world of education. Major cases involving schools, colleges, universities, and training institutions have been seen on court dockets throughout the US, Canada, Europe, and Australia. Students have taken action against schools, teachers have taken action against their employers, copyright and trademark violations have been filed… the list goes on.

Since schools have such a broad scope of interaction with their students and community online, they can easily become exposed to frivolous and vexatious litigation. Now, presented with the volatile and unruly nature of social media content, many schools are looking at ways to manage the risks associated with websites, social media channels, team collaboration content, and mobile text messages.  

Misrepresentation in Education

There have been several cases of misrepresentation in college and university communications, from sharing inaccurate information about educational programs, downplaying student expenses, and overestimating the likelihood of finding employment. Such misrepresentation can occur in any medium of college and university communication from course catalogs to social media, the passing words of recruiters and admission officers, or on official websites and social media pages.

As an example, The Department of Education in the U.S. has taken action to set specific regulations and disclosure requirements to help protect prospective students and the general public from such misrepresentation. The Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA) sets disclosure requirements that impact IT departments, marketing, and recruiting teams, as well as advertising partners involved with colleges and universities.

Pagefreezer assists educational institutions in tackling the following critical challenges:

Open Records Compliance and Response

As with other government entities, public schools are subject to open records laws. In an age where institutions’ websites and social media accounts are crucial to communication with students and parents, comprehensive electronic recordkeeping of this online data is an important component of meeting open records requirements.

Monitoring and Data Loss Prevention

Does your organization know exactly what people are sharing on social media channels and what they’re saying about your school? Organizations should be monitoring conversations on social media and enterprise collaboration platforms to ensure compliance with communication policies and prevent data loss.

eDiscovery & Litigation Readiness

Website, social media, and enterprise collaboration content is increasingly forming part of the eDiscovery and litigation process. Because of this, schools and other learning institutions need to be able to capture, preserve, and eventually present this data in a defensible format that complies with legal rules of evidence.

GDPR Compliance

With many schools and other learning institutions all over the globe boasting international students, GDPR compliance is an important consideration. Organizations need to know what personal online data of EU citizens they are collecting, where this information is stored, and how it can be exported/deleted upon request.

“Our organization needed a powerful website, blog, and social media archiving tool and Pagefreezer’s feature set, pricing, and customer service stood apart from the other vendors that we looked at. Pagefreezer fully automates the archiving process and their SaaS portal enables anyone at Sprott Shaw College to access and replay those archives at any time through a standard web browser. PageFreezer meets and exceeds our stringent internal record retention policies and provides us with protection from litigation that involves online content.”

— Scott Elliot, Sprott Shaw College Web Strategist

Case Study

Sprott Shaw College

Pagefreezer Recordkeeping Solutions

Pagefreezer allows schools and other learning institutions to monitor, collect, and archive the following online data:

Website Content

Our technology archives complex, dynamic websites. We collect full metadata, adding digital signatures and timestamps to every page.

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Social Media Accounts

Thanks to API integrations, we monitor and archive major social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter in real-time.

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Enterprise Collaboration Platforms

With our comprehensive archiving solution, you can monitor and archive enterprise collaboration data from platforms like Workplace by Facebook, Slack, Chatter, and Yammer.

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Mobile Text Messages

Whether you utilize employer-issued or BYOD phones, we archive mobile text messages to ensure compliance.

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