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Social Media Archiving

“Social Media & eDiscovery – Collecting Online Conversations for Litigation”

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Why Archive Social Media?

Your organization’s social media accounts are probably the most active communication channels you have. New tweets, posts, updates, etc. happen constantly and in many cases by multiple departments and multiple users. How do you keep an accurate history of all that activity?

Existing retention laws still apply – You need to track your social media accounts and archive the content to protect yourself in case of an audit or legal proceedings.

It’s critical you implement a robust records retention policy for your social media. You must preserve your online presence in a way that’s regulation-compliant, user-friendly, and, above all, affordable.

“The potential for fabricating or tampering with electronically stored information on a social networking site, thus poses significant challenges from the standpoint of authentication” – Griffin v. Maryland, 2010

Social Media Archiving ( & Websites, Blogs, Video …)

That’s where PageFreezer can help you out. PageFreezer provides an automated, cost-effective way to collect, retain and replay your organization’s web & social media content without involvement from your IT department.

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Facebook, Facebook at Work, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Vimeo, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, Flickr, Yammer, blogs, websites, web apps and more. We’re leaders in the online archiving industry and have over 500 clients to prove it.

Permanently Preserve Social Media Content

If you’re reaching out to customers or clients via social media, you must be prepared to preserve those communications just like other business records. Existing retention laws DO apply to social media platforms, and regulators are cracking down. PageFreezer archives your Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Tumblr and other social media content so that you can be prepared.



Full archiving of social media for compliance

How will your firm handle an SEC or FINRA audit? How will your agency comply with Public Records laws? How can you use social media evidence in a court proceeding? PageFreezer delivers an easy-to-use portal to easily retrieve any online social media message or even a complete history. This offers full compliance while reduce filing and printing costs at the same time. With a proven, trusted archiving system in place you’ll never be caught flat-footed, scrambling to cover an audit request.


Archiving the web shouldn’t be a chore

We know the situation you are in – We have helped over 500 Pubic Listed Firms, Government Agencies, Banks, Healthcare and other major clients archive all their online content since 2010. PageFreezer offers an enterprise-class SaaS solution, built to support even the most complex websites, blogs and many social media networks. All accessible on one platform. With PageFreezer, you get perfect archives of ALL your web content — without a lot of hassle.


Archiving That You Can Trust – Secure, reliable and authentic

Responsible handling of your agency’s sensitive data is vitally important. Your archives are securely stored on our private SaaS cloud platform in accordance with rigorous SSAE 16 auditing standards and with redundancy for added precaution. All posts, tweets, DM’s, messages, pages and blogs are 256-bit digitally signed and atomic-clock time-stamped to meet data integrity and authenticity requirements set forth by the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP). Be the hero – If anyone asks for some web data from way back, you’ll go back to them with an exact copy. They don’t need to know how easy it was for you to retrieve using PageFreezer.

Evidentiary Quality Archives

Evidentiary Quality Archives

PageFreezer captures all of your social media content in evidentiary quality, making the archives suitable for compliance and litigation preparedness purposes. All content is digitally signed (256-bit) and time-stamped which satisfies legal requirements for submitting digital content as evidence according to the Federal Rules of Evidence.

Capture Direct-Private Messages

Capture Direct/Private Messages

PageFreezer captures all of your social media content, including DMs in Twitter and Private Messages in Facebook. These captures ensure compliance with regulators and enable PageFreezer archives usability through the eDiscovery process. As long as the messages are under the same account, they can be archived, and in full compliance.

Real-time social media archiving

Real-time social media archiving

PageFreezer uses the Twitter and Facebook APIs to gather data in near real-time, providing the most comprehensive capture of social media content in the industry. Get a complete record of your social media communications. Even if some content is taken down or deleted, companies can rest assured knowing they have an automatic record of it.


Facebook & Facebook At Work Archiving

Capturing Facebook posts has become essential for litigation and compliance. This is true for personal Facebook Profiles, company Facebook Pages as well as the new Facebook At Work for internal company communication. PageFreezer captures ALL Facebook content including posts,comments, profile details and even videos.


Twitter Archiving

The number of lawsuits involving Twitter continue to grow given its extremely instant and public nature. PageFreezer captures Twitter data in a fully-automated fashion, nevering missing a Tweet, Mention or Direct Message.


LinkedIn Archiving

LinkedIn has become the recognized standard as a directory for business professionals and companies; and PageFreezer captures both personal and corporate LinkedIn pages to comply with industry compliance regulations.


Tumblr Archiving

Tumblr is still an extremely popular social media platform with high engagement. With a huge collection of photos, memes and animated gifs, there is no shortage of content to capture. PageFreezer saves content and metadata from Tumblr.


Google+ Archiving

While not as popular as Facebook or Twitter, Google+ still has a large group of users and is quite popular among some demographics. The same archiving procedures as other social media platforms are expected for Google+ platform, from capturing posts, +1s and private messages – all of which PageFreezer takes care of.


Instagram Archiving

A picture speaks a thousand words – and it’s equally as important to archive images too. With PageFreezer, it’s a simple setup, and you’ll never miss a post. All your uploaded photos, comments, mentions and messages will be archived, and your accounts will be in full compliance.


Pinterest Archiving

Pinterest allows for uploads, re-pins and collection of photographs through Pinterest boards as a top photo collection and sharing platform. PageFreezer collects all your likes, comments and upload information, preserving your pinterest page as it is.


Flickr Archiving

With a groups, forums, contacts, notes and geotagging options Flickr is a massive photographer community with its own unique features that help photographers stay organized and share their work. PageFreezer captures all messages, contacts, tags, and group information and displays it as if live.


YouTube Archiving

If you use video as part of your marketing mix, you now can archive embedded YouTube videos with PageFreezer. Automatically capture your YouTube videos, and replay them from your archives as if they were live. As video marketing is still in its growth spurt, ensure your compliance keeps up.


Vimeo Archiving

Vimeo has grown very quickly as a video platform, popular for the quality of its videos, professional look, and lack of clutter. Vimeo boasts a strong community of video enthusiasts and professionals with topic-based groups and channels. PageFreezer archives all video content, comments, groups and followers keeping full track of your page in this community.


Yammer Archiving

Saving on the need to use email messages, Yammer functions much like Facebook as a social network, with hashtags. groups, a news feed, likes and private messages – all for the professional enterprise. All Yammer messages, posts and comments are securely captured on the PageFreezer platform.


Salesforce Chatter

Built for employee engagement and integrated with other business processes, Salesforce Chatter is home to topics, polls, groups and file sharing abilities. PageFreezer securely captures and collects all Chatter material for the enterprise.

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