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how to archive social media

Why Archive Social Media?

Your organization’s social media accounts are probably the most active communication channels you have. New tweets, posts, updates, etc. happen constantly and in many cases by multiple departments and multiple users. How do you keep an accurate history of all that activity?

Existing retention laws still apply – You need to track your social media accounts and archive the content to protect yourself in case of an audit or legal proceedings.

It’s critical you implement a robust records retention policy for your social media. You must preserve your online presence in a way that’s regulation-compliant, user-friendly, and, above all, affordable.

“Social Media & eDiscovery – Collecting Online Conversations for Litigation”

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Evidentiary Quality Archives

Evidentiary Quality Archives

PageFreezer captures all of your social media content in evidentiary quality, making the archives suitable for compliance and litigation preparedness purposes. All content is digitally signed (SHA-256) and time-stamped which satisfies legal requirements for submitting digital content as evidence according to the Federal Rules of Evidence.

archive direct and private messages

Capture Direct/Private Messages

PageFreezer captures all of your social media content, including DMs in Twitter and Private Messages in Facebook. These captures ensure compliance with regulators and enable PageFreezer archives usability through the eDiscovery process. As long as the messages are under the same account, they can be archived, and in full compliance.

real-time social media archiving

Real-time Social Media Archiving

PageFreezer uses the Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram APIs to gather data in real-time, providing the most comprehensive capture of social media content in the industry. Get a complete record of your social media communications. Even if some content is taken down or deleted, companies can rest assured knowing they have an automatic record of it.

Social Media Networks

“The potential for fabricating or tampering with electronically stored information on a social networking site, thus poses significant challenges from the standpoint of authentication”
– Griffin v. Maryland, 2010

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