Pagefreezer for Microsoft Teams

Capture, Preserve and Produce Chat and Channel Communications on Microsoft Teams.

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Facilitate eDiscovery

Easily collect and preserve Microsoft Teams data to perform early case assessments and export records to handle serious legal matters.

Simplify Compliance

Collaboration data is the same as email. Archive Microsoft Teams data across all channels and chats to meet compliance requirements and prepare for regulatory audits.

Manage Internal Communication

Allow HR and IT teams to access Microsoft Teams messages to prevent inappropriate behavior, enforce communication policies, and conduct internal investigations.

Microsoft Teams: The Ultimate Messaging App for Any Organization

Team collaboration tools have largely replaced email when it comes to internal communications within many organizations. And thanks to its bundling with Microsoft Office, no other tool has enjoyed the user adoption that Microsoft Teams has.

This has profound implications for legal, compliance teams, HR, and IT professionals who may need specific communication records from MS Teams. Like email and other modern data sources, Teams content has to be accessible to ensure regulatory compliance and litigation readiness.

But how can departments effectively obtain the latest records from a platform where new data is constantly generated, and present them in a way that is easy to understand and visually similar to the original conversation thread?

Streamline your workflow

Pagefreezer for Microsoft Teams

With Pagefreezer’s enterprise-grade Teams recordkeeping solution, all teams, chats, and channels are seamlessly and automatically collected and made available for review through our browser-based dashboard. The data can be instantly exported in PDF format complete with associated metadata to comply with a regulatory audit or prepare for a legal matter.

The Complete Field Guide to MS Teams Recordkeeping

Everything you need to know about mitigating the legal and compliance requirements of MS Teams.


eDiscovery for Early Case Assessment and Serious Matters

Pagefreezer streamlines early case assessment by enabling legal professionals to quickly and easily investigate the relevance of Teams content to a particular legal matter.

Pagefreezer also streamlines the collection and preservation of Microsoft Teams evidence for serious legal matters.

Legal professionals can:

  • View all Microsoft Teams content in your organization’s workspace, including private channels and direct conversations
  • Use advanced search to deliver relevant content across all archives, accounts, direct conversations, timelines, and channels
  • Instantly select relevant content, add comments, and export files to local servers for eDiscovery purposes
  • Export records to PDF, instead of dealing with PST files. Records are time-stamped and signed with a SHA-256 digital signature. All associated metadata is included in the export


Data Retention for Recordkeeping Compliance and Regulatory Audits

Worried about the recordkeeping implications of Microsoft Teams? With Pagefreezer for Microsoft Teams, compliance departments and information governance professionals can rest assured that they have complete records of all Microsoft Teams data to show compliance with recordkeeping regulations, respond to regulatory audits, and fulfill information requests submitted by internal stakeholders.

Compliance teams have access to:

  • Complete Microsoft teams chat and channel archives with full audit trails, versioning, digital signatures, timestamps, and metadata
  • Advanced search features for finding information relevant to audits and other compliance matters, including edited posts and deleted comments that would not necessarily be easy to find on the original platform
  • Export records to PDF, instead of dealing with PST files. Records are time-stamped and signed with a SHA-256 digital signature. All associated metadata is included in the export

HR and In-house counsel

MS Teams Management to Curb Inappropriate Behavior & Facilitate Internal Investigations

Pagefreezer enables HR leaders to search for problematic conversations in Microsoft Teams chat and channels.

Since all data is captured and preserved in real-time, HR teams can:

  • Use sophisticated search functionality to easily find relevant chats and messages
  • Search for keywords across all channels and chats
  • Review conversations within the original context (including emojis, GIFs, etc.)

See how Pagefreezer for MS Teams can simplify compliance and eDiscovery.

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Pagefreezer Security and Credentials

Enterprise-level security features

Such as single sign-on (SSO), two-factor authentication (2FA), IP whitelisting, concurrent login management, and password policy management.

Advanced user, group, and role management

makes the appropriate provisioning of users simple and easy. The archive activities of all users are also logged to easily monitor actions.

Audit logs

give platform administrators detailed insight into all activities on the system, including what exactly was done, who did it, and when this activity took place.

SOC 2 Type I & II Compliance

Pagefreezer is SOC 2 Type 1 and Type 2 compliant. Our management system is also ISO 27001 certified, meaning that we consistently meet the security goals outlined in ISO 27001.

Network and performance monitoring tools

Pagefreezer uses network and performance monitoring tools for ongoing monitoring of servers, systems, and applications to assess health and performance, availability, and capacity.

Information Security Incident Management plan

Pagefreezer has an Information Security Incident Management plan in place to ensure that all events related to information security—or weaknesses associated with information systems— are quickly responded to.

For more information, please visit our Pagefreezer Security Page.

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Start Archiving MS Teams

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