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Our Values

Corporate Values are a tricky thing to conquer. They can make or break a culture, after all! For the team at PageFreezer, we realized the implications of Values and wanted to get them right. In 2018 we decided it was time to take a look at the existing Values and see if they needed a bit of a refresh. So the team got together during the summer to brainstorm and discuss again what it meant to work at PageFreezer and what we held dear. We use these refreshed Values on a day-to-day basis: to hire, review performance and results, give feedback, collaborate, and assess how we’re scaling as a business and team.

If these six Values resonate with you, check out our careers page and see if there’s an opportunity to hop on board!

Make it Personal
Improve Continuously
Win and Lose as a Team
Speak Your Mind
Create Balance Everywhere
And Make it Happen