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Workplace by Facebook

Automated Compliance Archiving for Enterprise Collaboration Networks

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Why Archive Workplace by Facebook?

By the end of 2017, 77% of companies will have adopted a form of enterprise collaboration network in the workplace.

With 90% of users remaining active after beta testing, Workplace by Facebook is being used by a growing number of leading companies to facilitate communication, collaboration and productivity. With a similar social media layout to Facebook, staff at both headquarter and front-line levels can communicate through personal profiles, direct messages, and newsfeed posts.

Digital content matters, is subject to compliance laws and can be defining in litigation cases. Collecting your conversations within these enterprise collaborative solutions and retaining them as records is essential to organizations in practically every industry.

Automated compliance archiving

Automated Compliance Archiving

PageFreezer can be used as a “set it and forget it” solution with no software to install or additional work for your IT team to do. We automatically start archiving new members and groups as they become active, and stop when they are deactivated; so there’s no need for constant manual updating as your team grows.

“As a registered independent advisory firm, PageFreezer allows us to keep automated records of our Facebook posts and to monitor them for compliance.”

Michael Heburn, COO Schroeder, Braxton & Vogt

Capture the conversation

Capture the conversation

Employee conversations, whether private or public can easily become subject to investigations and litigation. Not only does PageFreezer archive public-facing information within Workplace by Facebook like profiles, but also private features like groups and private chats. We ensure that anything that has value and can be captured, will be.

“Our biggest ROI is just knowing that PageFreezer is taking care of things. It gives me peace of mind knowing I can access information from our social archives if I ever need it. I also particularly like the fact that is is cloud based, simplifying the sharing and collaboration process with those I give permission to.”

Toni Droscher, Communications Manager & Social Media Coordinator, Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission

Search, alert and manage

Search, alert and manage

We constantly update our product’s interface with improvements based on customer feedback, making sure the PageFreezer dashboard is a powerful home for searching and handling all your archives. Your compliance team can easily search for keywords, get notified when keywords are used, flag archives and prepare data if ever needed for legal purposes.

“Facebook and Twitter used to be the only social networks available for archiving, but now the tool is able to work with most of the major social networks. That kind of system improvement is great to see and has kept us happy.”

Derek Belt, Digital Media Manager, King County

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Abide by strict recordkeeping laws, and have your grounds covered should a litigation case arise regarding your online content.

post versioning


Rest assured your user profiles, messages groups, text changes and deletions are automatically captured as they occur.

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Receive complete archives with digital signatures and timestamps, that are fully-text searchable and court-ready for discovery.

“The potential for fabricating or tampering with electronically stored information on a social networking site, thus poses significant challenges from the standpoint of authentication”
– Griffin v. Maryland, 2010

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