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Features: Archive Websites & Social Media

PageFreezer is an online SaaS solution that automates the process of archiving websites, blogs and social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Here is an overview of the key features that make PageFreezer the leading solution in archiving online content:

automatic archiving

Automatic Archiving
PageFreezer uses crawling technology, similar to that of Google, to take snapshots of your website. Archiving is an automated process, saving you time. Only new webpages and changes to webpages are archived, saving storage space.

public records compliance

Public Records Compliance
Government websites, in accordance with the Public Records Law, are considered an official government publication. Information on these sites influences decisions of citizens and businesses. Governments can be held accountable for the information they publish on the web. Tracking changes on the websites with PageFreezer offer governments trusted, non-refutable evidence in case of liability claims.

FINRA SOX SEC compliant

FINRA, SOX and SEC Compliant
In archiving their electronic data, financial companies need to comply with the records management regulations of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), while public companies need to comply with the records management regulations of the Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) Act and SEC. PageFreezer is FINRA, SOX and SEC compliant.

live replay

Live Replay/Browsing of Archives
Log into your PageFreezer dashboard to view a list of all archived websites. Click on an archive to open the website as if it is still live to view how the site looked on a specified date.


Powerful search functions allow you to quickly find archived pages. Narrow you search by website, date, keywords and more. Easily dig up that webpage you’re looking for.

legal evidence

Legal Evidence
Digital archives are worthless in case of legal claims unless evidence of data integrity and authenticity is provided. PageFreezer secures this by placing a digital signature and timestamp on each page.

digital signature

Digital Signatures
A 256-bit strong digital signature is placed on each page providing evidence of data integrity and authenticity.  This signature proves the archived webpages have not been altered over time. This technology adheres to the guidelines described in the FRCP (Federal Rules of Civil Procedure) and the FRE (Federal Rules of Evidence) in the USA and the Canadian Evidence Act in Canada.

time stamp

Each page is time stamped with an ANSI X9.95 compliant Time Stamp Authority securely synchronized with the certified atomic clocks of a  Stratum-1 Time Server. This trusted, non-refutable time that cannot be altered without detection provides evidence of the time the page was archived.

data export

Data Export
Your data is yours and remains yours. When dealing with a legal claim that requires a physical copy of your files, or when you need a local copy for any other reason, then you can request a data export in XML format of all your archived websites.

no software installation

No Software Installation
PageFreezer is an online service. No software to install or configure.  Set up your account and begin archiving your website within an hour! Everything is taken off your hands.

world class data center

World-Class Data Centers
PageFreezer employs world-class data centers to store and protect your data over the long term. Unlike typical RAID configurations which can only store data for 3-5 years, our servers are configured for long-term storage of 20+ years thereby enabling us to meet any record retention schedule that is deployed.

data access through API

Data Access Through API
PageFreezer accesses social media data directly through the API (Application Programming Interface).