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Victoria Australia

Automatically Archive Victoria State Agency Web/Social Media Content

Public Record Office Victoria (PROV) recordkeeping policies have been developed to help Victoria governments understand recordkeeping best practices and expectations by law. The policies cover recordkeeping and the environment ,mobile technologies, cloud computing, archiving and backup and social media. For a list of these policies click here.

Social Media Policy Highlights
A record derived from social media should contain:

  • The content (the information that is sent or received) including representation of the format (text, visual, sound or video).
  • The context in which the record is used, the business purpose of the social media record and its relationship to the business of the agency (purpose of the record).
  • The structure of the social media post.
  • Where possible, the original content, otherwise a text log of entries.
  • The metadata associated with the record.

Recordkeeping Policy Highlights
Captured Social Media metadata should reflect an agency’s metadata scheme and must include the following contextual metadata:

  • The date and time the message was sent or received by the public officer or agency representative.
  • For messages sent by the agency, the name of the public officer that sent the message, who authorised the social media message (if relevant), and to whom it was sent (at a minimum a group address is sufficient).
  • For messages received by the agency, the public officer and account name that received the message, the person to whom it was sent, and the name used by the person who posted the message (for privacy reasons, no attempt should normally be made to determine the actual identity of the sender).
  • The purpose of the message (the relationship between the message and other records; why the message was sent or received; what it was in response to).
  • The name of the social media application that the message was created on.

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