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Capture, and Preserve Communications on Microsoft Yammer.

Capture and preserve activity both in channels and direct messages.

Create defensible records to prove compliance and prepare for litigation.

Store all records in your Enterprise Vault.

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Why Archive Microsoft Yammer?

Saving on the need to use email internally, Yammer functions much like your typical social network, complete with hashtags, groups, a news feed, likes, and private messages—all for the professional enterprise. While this team collaboration tool provides numerous benefits in productivity, organizations are facing common compliance and legal obstacles when introducing the platform to its employees. Without a plan in place for keeping accurate records and protecting personal information, companies and government agencies can put themselves at risk.

With the expectations of industry-specific recordkeeping rules and regulations like Open Record Laws, SEC rules, FINRA, MiFID II and GDPR, organizations must take the necessary steps to ensure an information governance system is in place to accurately capture and preserve all Yammer communications. Pagefreezer offers secure and automatic capture of all Yammer messages, posts, and comments. Storing the records as official, SHA-256 digitally signed valid records, Pagefreezer helps you abide by strict recordkeeping regulation, and has your covered should litigation arise.

Key Pagefreezer for Yammer Features

Automatic Archiving

Pagefreezer can be used as a “set it and forget it” solution with no software to install or additional work for your IT team to do. It automatically starts archiving new users and groups in Yammer as they become active, and stops when they are deactivated; no need for constant manual updating as your team grows.

Capture Chat Conversations

Pagefreezer makes it possible to archive private chat conversations between individuals within the Yammer platform, and displays the history in the same look and feel as the original Yammer platform. All chat messages can be digitally signed, full-text searchable, and can be flagged and exported for audits or eDiscovery.

Defensible Yammer Records

Pagefreezer creates complete Yammer archives with SHA-256 digital signatures, timestamps and metadata, meeting court and regulatory standards for data authenticity and integrity.

White Paper: The Rise of Enterprise Collaboration Networks

Businesses have capitalized on the benefits of social media as a flexible communications method in advertising, branding and customer service. But what are the information governance implications of these popular platforms?

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Pagefreezer Helps Organizations With the Following:

Financial Industry Compliance

eDiscovery and Litigation Readiness

Monitoring and
Data Loss Prevention

FOIA/Open Records Responses

GDPR & CCPA Compliance

Retention Scheduling and Legal Hold

Online Data Security

Information Governance of Online Data

Start Archiving Your Enterprise Collaboration Platform

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