eDiscovery Unfiltered Report

Legal industry analyst Ari Kaplan interviewed 27 individuals responsible for eDiscovery decision-making, including nine in-house lawyers, 10 in-house legal professionals, and eight law firm partners. All of the participants developed and implemented eDiscovery processes. 89% selected eDiscovery tools and vendors and 85% managed eDiscovery software and service providers.

Kaplan asked them questions such as:

  • What Do You See as the Biggest Trends in the Legal Industry for 2023?
  • How Has the Pandemic Impacted E-Discovery?
  • How Has the Workload for an Individual Contributor in E-Discovery Changed Over the Past Year?
  • What are the Specific Prices that you Pay for Software, Services, Forensics, and Document Review?
  • What Aspects of E-Discovery are Companies Bringing In-House?

The results of these interviews have been turned into the eDiscovery Unfiltered Report, and offers fascinating insights, such as: Most enterprises are bringing e-Discovery responsibilities in-house in 2023, especially steps related to data governance, early case assessment, and evidence collection. Most interviewees also find social media and websites evidence difficult to identify, preserve, collect.

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