Social Media, Brand Risk, and Legal Liability

5 Ways to Protect Your Brand from the Risk of Online Conversations

What happens if a company’s official facebook page is bombarded by hateful comments that damage the reputation of the brand? What happens if an employee posts something inappropriate (and potentially illegal) on an official social media account? Or what happens if a negative product or service review goes viral? No organization can afford to ignore the online environment—active social media accounts are crucial for communicating with external stakeholders and building trust in your brand—but there is also no denying that the Internet can be a minefield. Thanks to the dynamic and real-time nature of social media, it’s all too easy for a hasty post or comment to damage a company’s brand and have serious legal repercussions. And, unfortunately, the organization need not even be at fault. This can happen even if a third party chooses to use your channels as a platform for hate speech, harassment, misinformation, etc. This white paper examines the importance of putting strategies in place that mitigate legal, compliance, and brand risk in the online environment.

Download this report to learn about:

  • The importance of trust and integrity when it comes to your organization’s online presence
  • The common legal, compliance, and brand risks associated with an online presence
  • Real-world examples of litigation centered around social media content
  • Five strategies to help protect your brand from the risk of online conversations
  • Proactive tools for monitoring social media content, as well as solutions for generating defensible online evidence during social media-related eDiscovery

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