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Salesforce Chatter Archiving

Automated Compliance Archiving for Enterprise Collaboration Networks

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Why Archive Salesforce Chatter?

Offering heightened engagement, improved collaboration and faster decision making across the firm, Salesforce Chatter is an enterprise collaboration platform home to company pages, groups, questions and answers, private chats and file sharing abilities.

Regulators like the SEC, FINRA and others require the long-term preservation of all digital communications in specific file formats for compliance with record-keeping expectation. Failure to meet these expectations can result in costly fines.

What your employees say in comments, posts or Chatter groups can be the source of investigations during eDiscovery processes and may result in damaging lawsuits.

chatter archiving

Automated compliance archiving

Archiving with Chatter to Enterprise Vault

PageFreezer’s Salesforce integration, Chatter to Enterprise Vault, helps you mitigate the legal and compliance risks of Salesforce Chatter by automatically and securely capturing all your organization’s Chatter activity in real-time, converting it into email messages, and sending these messages securely to your Enterprise Vault or journaling inbox for long-term storage and easy retrieval on-demand.

Chatter to Enterprise Vault helps you

  • Automate your compliance by ensuring you never miss a moment
  • Monitor employee conversations for risky situations as they take place
  • Archive your Chatter data in any corporate email archiving solution or Enterprise Vault

Capture the conversation

Capture Complete Salesforce Chatter Activity

Chatter to Enterprise Vault archives public-facing and private content including additions, changes and deletions in real-time so any interaction of value is immediately captured and stored for you to access when you need it for a regulatory audit or legal reason.

We capture:

  • User detail and timeline updates (post, poll, question)
  • Group detail and timeline updates (post, poll, question)
  • New and deleted users, new groups
  • Comment threads
  • Images
  • Videos
  • Polls: questions and votes
  • All attachments: documents
  • Questions & Answers

Watch this video to learn more

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